OneTwoThree Sushi bringing a new innovation to Minneapolis sushi scene Newest fast-casual sushi, easy as 1, 2, 3

OneTwoThree Sushi bringing a new innovation to Minneapolis sushi scene

One Two Three SushiToday going out for sushi today is almost as common as grabbing a cup of coffee. A Minneapolis company, Sushi Avenue, recognized unique opportunity to take the popularity of sushi even more mainstream.

Partnering with Minneapolis marketing and design firm, Shea (known for their work in consumer design and branding), the team developed the concept OneTwoThree Sushi.

This hot new concept involves an assembly line of ninja sushi artists ready to fully customize each customers’ sushi roll with preference of rice, protein/veggies and toppings… It’s as easy as one, two, three.

OneTwoThree took off in their first location downtown Minneapolis, feeding the corporate lunch break, and just months later opened the second location in Univeristy of Minnesota’s Dinkytown to serve the college crowd, both lunch and late night.

One Two Three SushiThe simplicity of the menu, the strength of the brand, and the poppy youthful energy gives it easability into any market; and new markets are just where they are headed.

The lines out the door of both locations have the two companies discussing potential locations for three, four and five, which will expand the concept nationally.

Opportunity for ambitious expansion is just what OneTwoThree was built for. The team used the popularity of sushi and created a concept with legs. It’s the brilliance of simplicity. Easy as one, two, three.

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