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Vince Neil – The Man Behind The Tatuado Brand


Vince Neil is the lead singer of the legendary Rock and Roll Group Motley Crue. Vince has created the Tatuado Brand which consists of Spirits, Vodka, Tequila, Rum, and his dynamic portfolio of restaurants.


Vince Neil’s simple philosophy is the driving force behind all of the Tatuado Branding. Great Packaging, great taste, and most importantly – extremely affordable. “Why pay forty dollars for a bottle of Vodka, when you can get my smooth and crisp Tatuado 5x filtered vodka at retail price from $9.99 to $11.99 nationwide.”  The same goes for Vince Neil’s Tatuado Tequila with the suggested retail price of $15.99-$17.99 nationwide.

Vince’s newest passion, Tatuado Black Cherry Rum, is retailing for $3.99 (375 ml). This rum has an incredible profile and is exquisite on the palate. Vince wants to bring his passion to every outlet in the world with this incredible flavored rum that mixes with anything. “It’s all about my simple philosophy”, says Vince. “I want to bring to the market place a brand that people will call out for. First off, great tasting. Second, absolutely kick ass packaging. Finally, a price that will not dent your wallet ”


Neil has been promoting his brands this past year in Las Vegas and in California. Pictured below are a few examples of the incredible draw Vince has with the public, and how everyone is anxious to get a signed bottle by there favorite rock legend.

With the spirits side on the way of getting nationwide and global distribution, Vince has taken the brand to the hospitality side with his restaurant concepts, again using his simple philosophy.

The man behind the brand Vince Neil brings his lineup of spirits and opens his second Tatuado Restaurant in Las Vegas. Vince Neils Eat Drink Party located in Circus Circus.

Tatuado Tequila_Vodka copyVince Neil is branching out into (5) categories of his Tatuado Restaurant chain with the prospects of 25 additional stores opening by Summer 2015 ran by the Tatuado Hospitality Management Group.

  • Vince Neils Tatuado Cantina- at the LVH- coming soon London England,
  • Vince Neils Tatuado Eat Drink and Party – at Circus Circus
  • Vince Neils Tatuado Burger Factory – opening up Spring of 2014 on the Las Vegas Strip
  • Vince Neils Tatuado Tacos and Margaritas – opening up Spring of 2014 – Las Vegas and California
  • Vince Neils Tatuado Pizza Factory – opening up Fall of 2014 – California, and New York

For more information please contact Michael Tsunis at 702-592-0874 or by email at

“Great food, great drinks, kick ass rock and roll atmosphere, and Great Fun service,” Vince says, “that’s all its about. It’s just that simple. So come by one of my places and I might just see you there, or stop by your nearest liquor store and pick up one of my Tatuado Brands.”

Rock on Brother




Vince with the Sin city models at botte signing



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