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B&B Hospitality Group’s Las Vegas Monthly Round-Up for March

(Courtesy of B&B Hospitality Group)


Monthly News Release to Feature New and Newsworthy Tips from Award-Winning
Restaurant Collection

Every month, B&B Hospitality Group (B&BHG) highlights new and newsworthy dishes, cocktails and events, as well as special menus and practices in the company’s Las Vegas restaurants. This collection of distinctive dining experiences includes B&B Ristorante, Carnevino Italian Steakhouse, OTTO Enoteca e Pizzeria and B&B Burger & Beer.

Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich are the forces behind this eclectic group of critically acclaimed, unanimously adored restaurants located in The Venetian and The Palazzo. B&BHG prides itself on its status as an industry leader in sustainability. The restaurants each optimize operations by incorporating green initiatives including: food waste composting, utilizing alternative fuel sources and a no-bottled-water policy. Each restaurant offers its own culinary identity but has a signature combination of thoughtful and memorable food, intelligent wine lists and an emphasis on living life to its absolute fullest.

B&B Ristorante's pork belly (Courtesy of B&B Hospitality Group)
B&B Ristorante’s pork belly (Courtesy of B&B Hospitality Group)

B&B Ristorante is committed to sustainability. One example is the restaurant’s “whole animal” program, its weekly practice of breaking down and using entire animals. Every Monday, the restaurant sources a pig from a small heritage farm, butchers it, then uses every part of the animal by incorporating it into the restaurant’s dishes. Examples of such dishes might include B&B Ristorante’s pork belly with smoked apple butter and the grilled pork chop.

Movia's Arhive glass (Courtesy of B&B Hospitality Group)
Movia’s Arhive glass (Courtesy of B&B Hospitality Group)

One of the many reasons Carnevino Italian Steakhouse is a world-renowned, critically acclaimed restaurant is its attention to detail. This can be seen right down to the type of stemware used to serve wine. Movia is considered one of the top wine and glassware brands in Europe. To create these exquisite glasses, Movia collaborates with Rogaška, a renowned glassmaker and provider of crystal. One of the wine glasses most frequently used at Carnevino is Movia’s Arhive glass. It measures nearly one-foot high and is large enough to hold nearly 1,000 mL/1 L.

(Courtesy of B&B Hospitality Group)
(Courtesy of B&B Hospitality Group)

Every day at OTTO Enoteca e Pizzeria, guests can find a new way to experience its ever-evolving menu of thin-crust Roman-style pizzas, antipasti meats and cheeses, salads, pastas and main dishes. The piatti del giorno (Italian for “dishes of the day”) menu spotlights different bruschetta, pasta and pizza specials every day of the week Click here to see the piatti del giorno menu.

B&B Burger & Beer's Strip-side patio (Courtesy of Chris Wessling)
B&B Burger & Beer’s Strip-side patio (Courtesy of Chris Wessling)

This spring, enjoy a boozy shake on one of the Las Vegas Strip’s most picturesque patios. At B&B Burger & Beer, the signature collection of boozy shakes includes Caramel Swirl (Caramel Gelato, Averna and Ginger Snap); Bourbon Cherry (Vanilla Gelato, Bourbon and Amarena Cherry) and Bailey’s Chocolate (Chocolate Gelato and Bailey’s Original Irish Cream). As for the 2,000-square-foot patio, it represents Las Vegas’ ultimate al fresco dining experience. Located next to The Venetian’s Grand Canal, guests can enjoy an expansive view of the Strip—and might even catch a glimpse of singing gondoliers.

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