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Cinco De Mayo Must Have Bar Items


Face it, everyone has dreamed of being a bartender at some point. The good news? You can design your own fully stocked bar right at home just in time for Cinco De Mayo.  Here are some must items that will up your bartending game in no time!

1) Strawberry Slicer – LOVE this slicer. Colorful and perfect for muddling and garnishing. No more red stained hands and you can even slice eggs, pickles and zucchini. Nifty little kitchen tool all around! $19.99 Crisp


2) Stainless Steel Jiggers – If you’re not a pro and don’t want to screw things up, this is mandatory! Measure liquor, juices and simple syrup so cocktails are perfect! Snag a few. $10.00 – Sur La Table.


3) Oxo Citrus Squeezer – This is die-cast aluminum squeezer is perfect for extracting juice from limes, lemons, etc. Dishwasher safe and ready to give your cocktail some tang! $15.99 – Macys


4) Shaker  – You have to mix. End of story.  Shaker Tin, Weighted 28oz – $7.50 – The Boston Shaker


5) Final Touch Yarai Mixing Pitcher with Hawthorne Strainer – Great set! Mixing glass pitcher and Hawthorne Strainer. An absolute must have for shaken or stirred drinks. – $19.99 – Bed, Bath & Beyond


6) Peg Game – I don’t care who you are, you need this on your bar. It’s a classic and will question anyone’s IQ, drunk or sober. $3.95 – Xump


7) Carter Bar Tool Set – An all-in-one tool you won’t live without. Stainless Steel Bottle Opener, Citrus Zester, Citrus Peeler and all purpose Bar Knife set in a walnut stand with modern finish. $29.95 – Crate & Barrel 



8) Oval Oak Wine Carafe – Topped with a sparse oak sphere to help protect oxygen from the liquid, this carafe’s teardrop shape provides just enough surface for wine to aerate. $26.00 –  Uncommon Goods12705126


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