Recently released by Storey Publishing: The Beer Geek Handbook - Food & Beverage Magazine

Recently released by Storey Publishing: The Beer Geek Handbook

The Beer Geek Handbook

 by Patrick Dawson

The Beer Geek Handbook - Living a Life Ruled by BeerNarrated in Dawson’s signature blend of sarcastic humor and well-researched facts, The Beer Geek Handbook will have veteran connoisseurs and newbies alike itching to get out there and crack open a cold brew while postulating on the merits of a good IPA. With essential knowledge about The Ten Beer Geek Commandments and the Beer Geek Hall of Fame, imbibers are sure to be confident and well-qualified to spread the beery gospel. And for those who happen to be paired up with a beer geek, the book can be used as a field guide for understanding the necessity of vacationing in Brussels or why their fridge is full of eisbocks, sours, and porters instead of well, food.

Patrick DawsonPatrick Dawson is an award-winning beer writer, an avid homebrewer, a BJCP beer judge, and a general lover of all things beer. He is the author of Vintage Beer, is a columnist for Craft Beer & Brewing magazine, and has written for DRAFT, Zymurgy, All About Beer,, and multiple other publications.

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