Marz Super Premium Vodka Ranks top five among domestic American vodkas

Fresh off of winning Double Gold, Marz Super Premium Vodka is leading the way

marz vodkaGold-winning Marz Vodka is proudly produced in California from 100% French winter wheat.  Blended with pure, cold, and clean California water, Marz Vodka delivers a gorgeous malt characteristic and entirely smooth vodka experience.  Distilled five times to create the signature smooth drinking profile, followed by carbon filtration three times to ensure absolute purity, Marz Vodka boasts a line of award-winning vodkas.

Marz Premium VodkaWhen you’re out to make the world’s smoothest vodka, you tap into every ounce of passion and distilling know-how across the team.  Decades of master craftsman and friendships came together to reach a singular goal – to make the world’s smoothest and cleanest-drinking super premium vodka ever experienced.  The Marz Vodka team does this for a very simple reason.  Because like you, we’re part of the new generation of vodka purists.  It’s what wakes us up and drives our daily pursuit.  But don’t take our word for it.  Listen to the industry experts who bestowed gold medals and awards upon Marz Vodka products – and we couldn’t be more proud.
Fresh off of winning Double Gold, Marz Super Premium Vodka is the brand’s hallmark product, leading the way with three gold medals in the past year alone, and just ranked in 2016’s top five domestic American vodkas.  Our Marz White Cranberry Flavored Vodka emphasizes a uniquely American fruit to make the perfect Cosmo, make a dreamy fruit-forward cocktail with club soda, simply on the rocks by itself, or sipped neat, which we call #DrinkNaked.  For Marz Citruz, we make summer in a bottle.  The crisp and clean citrus flavors create the base for magnificent summer-ready cocktails at the pool.  Marz Spize Pepper Flavored Vodka is every Bloody Mary aficionado’s dream come true.  Not for the faint of heart, the spicy heat and flavor profile of Marz Spize is also the perfect complement to Asian-and Indian inspired cuisine.

Welcome to the new generation of super premium vodka.  Welcome to the world of Marz Vodka.