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Bluechai Launches Two New Organic Blue Teas

Bluechai Launches Two New Organic Blue Teas, Becomes the Only Company to Offer Three Blue Tea Varieties

bluechaiBluechai is the first and only company in the world to offer three blue tea varieties. The two new blue teas – Organic Blue Mallow Flower Tea and Rare Black Goji Berry Tea – will compliment original blend Bluechai Blue Tea, which uses dried butterfly pea flowers and lemongrass to create a refreshing, caffeine free beverage.bluechi

Current trends show the growing popularity of exotic teas around the world. In 2014, the US specialty tea market hit a new high of $1.9bn, up 9.8% on the previous year. The new teas will add to Bluechai’s growing reputation as a leading global purveyor of tea. It is the first and largest online retailer of butterfly pea tea and tea blends containing the flower, which it grows 100% organically and sustainably.bluechai

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