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Dine with Kyirisan’s Geometric Design

Dine with Kyirisan’s Geometric Design



Design highlights:

  • GrizForm Design Architects created a custom high top table made out of stone in a narrow Y shape. Located in the center of the restaurant, the table, which seats 12, serves as a focal point for Chef Ma to prepare and cook food in front of guests.

  • Custom-made planes protrude out from the back wall forming a triangular floor-to-ceiling installation that adds a profound depth to the space. The geometric planes are complemented by a warm white ceiling, which creates a visual canopy over the restaurant’s diners.

  • kyirisan_Bronze accents are found throughout, from hanging conical light fixtures, to the bar’s foot rail, to the angular sconce plant hangers that line the seating area.

  • Warm, oak and walnut wall paneling work with light grey floors, danish-inspired chairs, and tweed-blue tufted banquettes to create a comfortable, residential-inspired setting.

  • Giant, triple hung windows and minimalist white tiles line the facade of Kyirisan, giving the restaurant’s exterior a timeless, cozy feel.

  • A repurposed barn door is mounted behind the hostess stand, finished in matte black, acting as a subtle, but bold backdrop that draws attention to an eclectic collection of ceramic animal planters.
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