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La Belle Farms exhibiting at the Vegas Food Expo

La Belle Farms

Come join Bella Bella Gourmet and other innovative American food producers at the Vegas Food Expo, March  30-31st

la-belle-farmsEstablished in 1999 La Belle Farms (a vertically integrated farm) started producing superior quality Cage-Free Duck Products, and Foie Gras on its 43 acre farm in Sullivan County, New York located within the Delaware River Basin.  Being situated in Western New York has many logistical advantages.  We can easily deliver fresh product daily into the major East Coast markets (New York City, Boston, and Philadelphia) while maintaining a small carbon footprint.

In 2009 La Belle started planting corn in Ferndale to help give us better control over our feed. At this time we started working with a new feed company (Cochecton Mills) that is located near our farm. Working closely with their nutrition experts to produce a natural product free of hormones, vaccines and unnatural alterations we were able to utilize the corn that we are growing on our land.  The selection of feed is very important in raising a healthy animal and La Belle strives to produce a natural stable diet while giving flavor and producing high growth rates.  In July of 2016 we broke ground on our own feed mill.  We will soon be producing out own feed for our farms.bella-bella-foie

In 2010 we revolutionized the Foie Gras industry by abandoning the traditional rigid metal feeding tube, and replacing it with a small flexible feeding apparatus.  This new method is very gentle to the bird, and produces a great product.

bella-bella-ducksLa Belle Farms seeks to provide superior Cage-Free Foie Gras, and Duck products to the world.  We value our relationships with current and future customers and hope to communicate our appreciation to them through our outstanding, guaranteed product quality and freshness, personal service and efficient delivery.  Our commitment to our customers will be reflected through honest and responsible business.

Bella Bella Gourmet is the U.S.D.A. inspected production kitchen, and distribution center for LaBelle Farms. Since 2004 Bella Bella has been transforming LaBelle’s all natural, hormone-free, air-chilled ducks, and poultry into ready-to-eat Chef Quality products.banner-vfx

Our CIA trained Chef has worked, and traveled globally searching for unique preparations to incorporate into product line up.  Products like our Foie Gras Terrine, Smoked Magret Duck Breast, Moulard Duck leg & thigh Confit, Duck Breast Prosciutto, and rendered Duck Fat are made following time honored recipes (no shortcuts) that the nation’s top chefs are proud to serve.


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