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SEO Marketing for your restaurant

Become 2016’s Breakout Restaurant with SEO Marketing

top-seo-firm-las-vegasThe other day I was on a road trip in Atlanta and I was dying for a bite to eat. I had just gotten to my hotel after a four-hour drive and I realized that I had not eaten all day. That was when I grabbed my phone and searched for, “restaurants near me”. There were quite a few options right on the first page of my Google results and they all had reviews available so that I could pick the one that sounded best to me at the time. Within two minutes I had made my decision and was headed to a little burrito joint that was three blocks from my hotel.

I am always amazed by the information that you can get just by searching the topic in Google. Have you ever wondered why Google results are so reliable? Well, Google uses different algorithms to determine the relevancy of different websites and then uses the results to determine how high a site appears in search results. Basically, if someone is searching for, “best pizza in NY”, then they are going to be really disappointed if the top results include a website for a knitting class. Google’s algorithms make sure that you get the kinds of results that will be most helpful for your search.

How does Google determine what sites go on the first page for commonly searched businesses? That was my next question as well. Obviously, there are hundreds of pizza places in New York City, so what makes some of them more preferable to Google’s algorithm than others?

Google uses different factors like the relevancy of your website’s content, its structure, and how many times your website is referenced by other sites, as well as other factors to determine your ranking. As a restaurant owner, getting business from Google searches could really boost your business, and the more success you have the easier it will be for people to find you. So, how do you make that first push to make sure that you are seen on the internet?

The best way to go is to find an SEO specialist. There are marketers that specialize in SEO or Search Engine Optimization, which means that they know how to take your online presence to the next level. With an SEO specialist, you can get the insight, website content, and web design that you need to make sure that your restaurant is seen by people searching for a place to eat in your area. That means that someone staying in a hotel in your city could either be finding your restaurant or the competitions.

One of the best SEO marketers in the Las Vegas area is True Blue Marketing. They have helped so many Las Vegas and Clark County businesses grow through their online presence and Google search results. You can find out more about what they can do for your restaurant at With a boost in your Google results, you could be the up and coming restaurant in your neighborhood in no time.

This article was written by Daniel Hobbs.

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