Macaron Launched with Great Success In Laguna Beach

Macaron Launched with Great Success In Laguna Beach, California By Restaurateur Antonio Mecheri.

A Classic Dessert With Our Modern Twist


C’est La Vie is proud to serve the best Macarons in Laguna Beach and Orange County. These classic French sandwich cookies have been around for hundreds of years, but they’ve never been better than they are here at C’est La Vie. From classic flavors like Chocolate and Lemon to unique new twists like Salted Caramel and Black Sesame, we encourage you to come in and try our 20+ flavors of this light and tasty treat.

Our World-Exclusive Camelrons

In 2016, chef Antonio Mecheri debuted his signature creation, the Camelron, at C’est La Vie. These macarons are made with Camel’s milk for a singularly lucious, unique pastry experience. C’est La Vie Camelrons are available nowhere else on the planet and sell out quickly whenever they are made, so be sure to drop in for you chance at a truly memorable treat. Newport Beach