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 Many of the real performances were from true troopers – and Miley Cyrus shocked me – she was not in a shock the world mode – she was actually wearing something that was covering over her bottom – and she performed with her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus.  At the end of her set, a blizzard – like a snowstorm of balloons, started pouring down on the crowds –

10, 500 people who filled T-Mobile to capacity!  How does one queen on the top, pop all those balloons – with a lot of help!!!

It was also a red carpet showcase of do I have the better dress/ensemble than you – or him, for that matter – and each person seemed to make this another designer drama diva deal with who was wearing what, and by whom?  After all, designers do their part in the making of these events – and the mannequins are real stars!  The icon, the legend, the 71 year old incredible Cher received the Icon Award and sang Believe and If I Could Turn Back Time…please, go see both Cher and Celine at their residencies – Cher at the Park Theater and Celine at the Colosseum – they are moments of enjoyment that you can never capture on a video – a cell phone camera (I am a big anti-cell catching the entire show person) – I cannot stand seeing a sea of lit up cell phones capturing the performances instead of the people watching them with their own eyes!  The magic is when you feel it – when you watch it with your own eyes – and not through the lens of a camera – live is live!  Please, put those cells away – they are distracting to the people around you!  Also, don’t stand for the entire concert – everyone else has to stand too then – in order to see the stage – (it is not fair after spending a lot for tickets – I, for one, want to sit and enjoy a live performance..).

Locally, we have the great moments of the Memorial Day Weekend – fireworks – ice cream eating, red, white and blue – parades, acknowledgments of those who served our country – please, go to the Vietnam memorial (80% sized down scale) and etch with a pencil and paper those who you lost in that great historical period of the ‘non-war’!  Classmates, fathers, brothers, cousins, friends, children, some so young they never got to enjoy life itself, gave their lives in this battle for justice.  Now, we reflect upon all the changes it created in society and sometimes, we silently weep…

I had a great buffet (as always) with my close comrades at the red Rock Resort last week.  They are the only local buffet that actually has my favorite – paella! The staff is extraordinarily gracious and accommodating.

Human Nature made the news – the group from Australia has now had 1500 shows under its belt after being headliners on the strip for eight years!  Way to go, my Aussie friends.  I have seen that show dozens of times and still feel the newness of it each time I go.  The same group also brought to our Strip, Thunder From Down Under.

Now – the best for last – MY BIRTHDAY on May 29th – I was 78!!!  It was celebrated with a series of private dinners and friends all over town.  Everyone who came was part of my life – my very special friends who did not abandon me when my partner passed away last June 24th.  These are the real friends – these are the ones whom I have to thank – and we also had a one year celebration of life for my devoted Bruce.  I still miss him very much!

And so – the weather is getting hot, hot, hot and so are the people all over -clothes are skimpy and tempers may flare.  I can smell bar-b-que all over – and yes, it is the time for summertime bliss and a heat wave!  Is your pool ready?  Time to dive in for summer fun.

Zozo – the wonder dog – and I just want to say thank you to all for making this a great week and making my celebrations fantastic!

Bless you all and bless the USA!
Thank all of you who have  served our country!

The very reverend,
The Reverend,
Monti Rock III and Zozo – the greatest puppy who is now my very own Hollywood diva son!


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