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Riad Hotel With Home Cooked Moroccan Cuisine

Riad Hotel With Home Cooked Moroccan Cuisine in Marrakech

Riad Dior is a small boutique hotel riad in the medina of Marrakech city, focus on the creation of conservation management plans that guide long term maintenance and conservation policies of this traditional riad, the restaurant, serve the typical Moroccan dishes, such as Lamb tagine with prunes and apples, or Tagine of chicken with preserved lemon and olives.

We also appreciate the terrace restaurants and bars including the beautiful tiled plunge Pool Garden, where we can have healthy vegetables from the vegetable garden in the real Marrakech atmosphere.

The people of Marrakech like their cuisine the same way they like their life full of spice and smell. This original hotel riad take their food as seriously as we take our luxury holiday. Of Course, you can have had mint tea somewhere along the plonge pool or in your rooms all long the days. But you’ve never really had mint tea until you’ve had it Ryd Dyor Marrakech style. Trust us. A green tea steeped with spearmint and sweetened with a kiddie-pool’s worth of sugar, the dessert beverage is poured into the glass from a remarkable height to create a cream.

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