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Fine & Dandy Opens In Mississippi With Contemporary Play On American Diner Food

Fine & Dandy offers “Grandma Chic” atmosphere to enjoy a damn fine burger
Oh, and Betty White eats for free

Fine & Dandy is now open in Jackson, Mississippi serving diners modern renditions of casual American diner food, classic and playful cocktails and a hospitality program that is modeled after in-home gatherings. The menu by executive chef and James Beard semi-finalist Jesse Houston is a whimsical approach to traditional American burgers – where tater tots are revered and the meat-to-bun ratio is of the upmost importance.

Fine & Dandy Restaurant

The first concept by Jackson-based Miller Hospitality offers a modern design with vintage elements. Set to a soundtrack of American icons such as Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, guests will find a modern industrial space filled with hints of nostalgia – an approach that owner Ray-Scott Miller calls “Grandma Chic.” Among the glistening white tiles, custom wallpaper with illustrations of iconic Jackson establishments and brown leather chairs, guests will enjoy their food from vintage china that is a likely reminder of the plates from Sunday dinners at grandma’s house. The space features antique credenzas, oil portraits, witty needlepoint and bowls of strawberry hard candies in a modern, stand-alone building in the emerging District at Eastover.

Fine & Dandy Burger

Fine & Dandy’s signature is a perfectly-made burger. Made from house ground brisket, short rib and chuck, Houston seasons the burgers simply with salt and pepper and serves them on the Fine & Dandy “Brotato Bun,” an original creation from pastry chef Amy Henderson that fuses the soft potato bun with the chewiness of brioche. Guests can also enjoy Houston’s “B&B Dill Pickles” that is a combination of bread & butter and dill pickles that have slight sweetness like a bread & butter pickle paired with dill spices.

Capn Catfish

In addition to Houston’s selection of burgers, other signature items include: the Cap’n Catfish Sandwich, which is Simmon’s catfish delacata filet crusted in Captain Crunch and served with country captain sauce and pickled raisins and onions; the Caesar-San, an Asian-style play on a traditional Caesar made with romaine, pecorino, ramen egg, sesame croutons, katsobushi and ginger togarashi dressing; and Sweet Potato & Turnip GreenGumbo made with Delta Blues rice, okra seed oil and Country Pleasin’ andouille croutons. The Tater Tots We Didn’t’ Make celebrate just how damn good frozen tots are, but will top them with his own stuff – truffled crème fraiche “ranch”, salmon caviar, pickled shallots, cucumber, dill and basil.

Fun Fact: paying homage to our wiser generation, Fine & Dandy is extending complementary food to everyone’s favorite modern grandmother, Betty White.

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Located in the heart of Jackson, Mississippi, Fine & Dandy is a classy place to enjoy a damn fine burger (and other Southern fare) and perfectly-made cocktail. Executive chef Jesse Houston’s menus are lighthearted, but his approach to food and a hospitable experience is serious. Houston pays homage to traditional burger joint favorites, adding his own spin. Fine & Dandy is located at 100 District Boulevard, Jackson, Mississippi 39211.  For more information, visit


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