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Hot Dogs for Millennials: Meet the wholesome, delicious and best-for-you American hot dogs yet

By Diane Lilli

BBQ season is here – and admit it: wouldn’t you love a plump hot dog right off the grill that won’t make you feel guilty? Today’s hot dogs are NOT all like your parents’ versions, and instead, a few special ones are fresh, scrumptious, and made with incredible ingredients, like those from True Story Foods.

These pastures raised uncured hot dogs are made from beef made with no antibiotics or added hormones, ever; 100 percent vegetarian fed and are made from sustainable family-farm beef.

True Story, makers of organic and Project Non-GMO Certified sausages, hot dogs, deli meats, and fresh pork, offers the most delicious, wholesome and Organic Grass Fed Beef Hot Dogs. All True Story foods are crafted using artisan methods to allow the real ingredients to stand out. Made at family-owned and operated kitchens and farms, the delicious meats include organic and Project Non-GMO Certified varieties.

True Story believes in a future of food that is a return to what is real and true and a future that is respectful of the sources of our food – the soil, the animals, and the farmers. True Story is committed to:

Supporting Farmers with Good Farming Practices
True Story practices fair trade with farmers, ensuring that the animals are raised humanely and without antibiotics, and creating a sustainable livelihood for generations of farmers to come. All animals are fed an all-vegetarian diet, never given antibiotics or growth enhancers, and live without undue stress or agitation.

Crafting Real Foods
All of True Story recipes are crafted in our California Kitchens with artisan methods used for three generations: hand seasoning and netting of roasted turkeys and hams, using traditional all-natural casings, and hand tying sausage links. Our foods never contain synthetic nitrates or nitrites.

Provoking Honest Conversation
True Story shares the story of their animals, farmers, and communities to provoke honest conversation about how food is raised and prepared. We believe that informing and educating food lovers helps them to make better choices for them and their families.

True Story is available nationally in select natural and traditional grocery retailers and Costco. For more information, visit


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