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Eat Your Greens For Breakfast: Fritatta del G iorno

When it comes to eating vegetables, over 80% of Americans say they fall short of getting the recommended four servings per day. Even though we traditionally eat greens in the afternoon or evening, there is no reason you cannot incorporate your greens in the morning.

Up the ante and try hitting your daily dietary numbers with this  Fritatta  del G iorno from West Hollywood, Italian phenomenon, Cal Mare  helmed by renowned chefs Michael Mina and Adam Sobel. Ditch your traditional bowl of oatmeal or omelet with this delectable Fritatta del Giorno, made with wild broccoli, prosciutto and fontina.

Start your day off on the right foot with this nutritional and equally delicious dish that is rich in protein and packed with fiber. A perfect opportunity to hit your dietary goals!

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