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4 Metrics To Measure Event Marketing Efforts

With digital marketing being all the rage, some of the more traditional marketing methods tend to get overlooked when reaching out to potential customers. Many business owners have set up shop, conducted all their outreach campaigns purely on social media, and made incredible sales without ever having been face-to-face with their clients.


But in-person events still have an important place in a small business’s efforts to create brand and product awareness. Some still would rather deal with a brand that offers them a human touch. And your business has great value in physically interacting with potential buyers.


In addition, trade shows and exhibitions allow you to exchange ideas with other players in the same space and even in different industries. Here are some of the ways you can measure the value of event marketing to your business.



  1. Impact Goals

Event marketing allows businesses to make huge strides toward achieving their marketing objectives and overall goals. Instead of spending months studying and analyzing the market, trying to figure out future trends or entering into the expense of bringing in experts for this, you can get this information from industry experts at such events.


This will reduce the time you take to refine your products or branding to meet the present demands of your niche market. It also gives you a chance to steal a few secrets from leading companies in your industry that will help you fine-tune your production processes or refine your marketing strategy.


There are metrics you can use to measure the actual impact an event has on your outreach goals and calculate its return on investment. How many social media mentions did your brand generate after the event? Was there an increase in website visits and conversions in the wake of the trade show?


  1. New Customers

Participating in industry events puts your brand in front of people who are interested in the type of goods or services you offer. This has a higher potential for creating new leads than posting brand messaging on your social media pages. Half the people scrolling through their timelines may not pause at your ad.


Connections made during trade shows have a higher chance of generating valuable leads that are more likely to be converted into sales than those generated online. One of the key reasons for this is the ability to follow up. A prospect is more likely to take your call after establishing a face-to-face rapport than to pick a cold call from someone they’ve never met. This is especially the case in this age of online and telephone scams.


  1. Brand Recognition

There are many opportunities trade fairs and other such events offer in terms of enhancing brand recognition. Simply having a stand where you can display your banner in front of the hundreds or thousands in attendance is a great step forward in terms of increasing awareness. That banner being seen in footage and images shared online will further boost your brand visibility.


In addition to your banner, you will want to have branded flyers as well as merchandise to hand out to attendees who visit your stand. Your merchandise, or trade show swag, should be vibrant and stylish enough for anyone who receives it to want to wear it even after the event.


The appearance of your brand in the same event and space as some of the bigger players in the industry increases its credibility and authority. According to your brand, this increases the chances of prospective buyers having the same level of trust they have in the more established ones. And you can use your presence at the same events as some of the global giants as part of your future marketing to extend your newfound authority to those who did not attend the event.


  1. Press Coverage

Another way event marketing provides value to your business is through press coverage. Local media outlets will want to make trade fairs a part of their news offerings. Depending on the size of the event and the presence of overseas exhibitors, the international press may also take an interest in it.


Few things can auger better for your brand visibility and authority than being seen on national TV. Attending the right trade show can help you achieve this without having to pay through the nose for a primetime TV slot. Social media influencers sharing posts about the event can introduce your brand to their followers and win you an even wider audience.



Real Value

As effective and cost-friendly as online marketing can be, event marketing still holds a crucial place in helping small businesses create awareness. They offer you a chance to develop important connections with potential customers and other industry players while earning your brand credibility. And there are ways you can measure the potential returns they can bring.


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