BF TECH is a leading manufacturer of commercial ice equipment

BF TECH Named Top Commercial Ice Equipment Manufacturer by F & B Magazine

BF TECH has received international recognition for its innovations in the production of ice equipment. Thanks to its rich experience, the company has learned to respond quickly to market changes and develop high-quality ice generators following the latest technologies and all current industry standards. BF TECH presents premium ice makers for making different shapes of ice cubes, from minor to massive. You can make ice of unusual shapes: balls, stars, hearts, cylinders, crescents, and grains. Ice generators are the most innovative and versatile solution for quickly obtaining a large amount of ice. Granular ice can have different densities, from less dense flakes to very thick lumps. These ice forms are used by the world’s leading bartenders and manufacturers of drinks and food; therefore, ice equipment is in great demand nowadays, and many cafes and restaurants turn to BF TECH for a solution to the issue of ice supplies. BF TECH cares not only about its customers but also about the environment. Especially for this purpose, the company strictly adheres to all norms and certifications regarding the use of its equipment. The company operates one of the most automated production facilities in the industry. Using the latest technologies, each unit of products manufactured at BF TECH is thoroughly tested and undergoes strict quality control. Ice generators with a natural refrigerant are manufactured, which produce a large amount of high-quality, the first and most crucial ingredient of the drink – ice.

BF TECH is a leading manufacturer of ice. In cooperation with ice equipment experts Gram Commercial, the company combined engineering excellence with modern design intelligence in the production of its products. The portfolio includes an extensive range of different equipment, different capacities, and catering equipment, including ice generators of various types for the rapid production of large quantities of ice of multiple shapes.

Commercial production of ice

Commercial ice generators are irreplaceable in almost any catering establishment, restaurant, bar, or cafe. Ice-making equipment from BF TECH ensures the continuous production of clean, fresh, and frozen ice throughout the day, so that food can be cooled during transport or quickly prepare refreshing drinks. An ice maker is a professional piece of equipment that can design a drink or ice cream. The final product can be ice of various shapes (flakes, cubes, crystals, and other types). Many food service establishments often use ice machines to make ice, which is then added to the food or drinks used for serving or food storage. It is worth noting that ice generators differ in the type of cooling: water or air. The advantage of water equipment lies in several key aspects:

  • Better thermal conductivity compared to air cooling provides faster cooling, which reduces electricity consumption;
  • No need for periodic cleaning of the condenser;
  • For the device to work correctly, there must be no space between the wall or other devices.

But there are also certain disadvantages; for example, poor water quality and unstable pressure affect the device’s performance. The weakness can also be attributed to the fact that an ice maker with water cooling costs a little more than an ice maker with air cooling.

Air-cooled models also have some key advantages, such as:

  • The entire installation is faster and easier, as no additional connection to the water supply network is required;
  • Lower financial costs related to the purchase of an ice maker.

The disadvantage of an air-cooled ice maker is that such a device cannot be mounted on a bar counter pressed against the wall since the device needs access to air for convection.

Small ice makers used in bars and restaurants are mostly built into the bar counter. Here, the most popular models are water-cooled ice machines that do not require free space around them. These compact devices are often preferred in businesses with limited space. If you need more room for air to reach the ice maker grid, air-cooled models will run much slower. There must be a place for free air flow when installing such ice generators.

The principle of operation of ice generators

The principle of operation directly depends on the required form of ice. If it is cube-shaped ice, it must gradually freeze on the evaporator and enter the drive section only after reaching a specific size. However, freezing occurs in several layers to form flaky ice, and the ice must be periodically cut with a scraper (the process usually occurs in automatic mode). According to the principle of operation, ice generators are divided into salt and compressor ice generators. In the first case, the water is in a separate form in which the refrigerant freezes, the circulating salt solution. But this method is the least common. The second type of device works on the principle that ice freezes directly on the surface of the evaporator. Pour-on models do not require a connection to the water supply – cold drinking water is poured into a particular container. Since the productivity of such machines is small, they are ideal for small cafes and bars. Ice generators are produced with separate built-in blocks for storing ice and built-in containers for storing ready-made products. 

For a compact device with low power consumption, it is necessary to purchase special mobile heat-insulated storage units for storing ready-made ice in a container where it is convenient to move the ice between production premises. BF TECH ice generators’ elegance, versatility, and quality attract attention. The variety of ways to produce a variety of ice in different shapes makes this company unsurpassed in the ice manufacturing industry. The products of BF TECH, a company engaged in producing ice in various forms, are distinguished by sophistication and originality. BF TECH products are actively used in professional kitchens of restaurants and bars, attracting attention with their beauty. The variety of unique types of ice production puts BF TECH products in demand on the market.

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BF TECH ice generators are specially designed to produce hygienically clean ice. Production is based on technology that reduces the frequency of planned maintenance of devices. Ice plays a crucial role in cocktails and other drinks. It is essential not to give the glass the ideal temperature but to maintain the desired temperature due to the slow melting of ice. In the case of drinks, the amount and shape of ice play a decisive role. Cubes, granules, flakes, crescents, or balls effectively help bartenders to create a delicious drink for the customers of their establishment. The shape of ice can be different: these are non-standard cubes, universal granules, cylinders, and flakes, as well as ice in the form of hearts, stars, and balls. Professional ice-making equipment is compact, self-contained ice generators actively used in various catering establishments and for food storage. The use of ice in multiple forms varies from a trouble-free serving of soft drinks after mixing various ingredients with ice to transporting and displaying fish in the market and storing food. The design of ice generators is different, depending on the model and its power. Ice generators from BF TECH produce pure ice in various forms. The resulting ice is crystal clear, as only the most refined water molecules are used to create it. Such devices are ideal for nightclubs, cafes, and bars, during various sports and entertainment events. Contact BF TECH if you need reliable, modern equipment for ice production in multiple forms. In that case, it is an international manufacturer of professional ice equipment that meets all standards and regulations and is widely used worldwide.