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The Future of Beverages Begins in the BedroomAs a professional herbalist, educator, and life-long naturalist, I have been studying the relationship between plants and people my entire life. As FREE RAIN’s in-house herbalist, when I was presented with the concept of creating a beverage to boost arousal, I knew we were onto something. Love and libido suffered during the peak of the pandemic and the FREE RAIN team had identified the interest of those — in relationships or not — looking to rekindle their romantic life, and reconnect with pleasure. (A recent study by Journal of Sexual Medicine found that 60 percent of adults in lockdown were not having sex, including masturbation.) Seeking to meet the need of declining interpersonal and physical relationships during the pandemic with a plant-based solution brought this functional flavor, AROUSAL, to life. It’s the first and only ready-to-drink beverage designed to support sexual energy. FREE RAIN is the naturally-enhanced sparkling water for those seeking more — more flavor, more function, and more feeling. With four bold flavors, each can contains benefit-driven ingredients designed to elevate or relax the mind and body throughout the day. Key ingredients include eleuthero for more energy, ashwagandha for more focus, passionflower for more calm and now maca for more arousal. Having worked with FREE RAIN in the past on their CALM, ENERGY, and FOCUS flavors, I knew we could come up with something exceptional l. Featuring maca, an herb traditionally and historically used for libido (among many other benefits) , we infused AROUSAL with a full, functional dose of 500mg. (This is enough to perform, while also leaving room for multiple servings or mixing with other flavors like CALM, say. Maca is a nourishing herb that can promote performance, enhance sexual energy, and support hormonal balance. In addition to it, we blended in the bright flavors of grapefruit and basil to create a sophisticated, nuanced taste.The name AROUSAL evolved from both he purpose of the drink, the best way to describe the function of the maca, and the sensorial experience of drinking — and smelling! — the aroma,, invigorating flavor, and enticing color. In terms of getting the most benefit from AROUSAL, I’d suggest pairing it with other aphrodisiacs such as cacao, damiana, or lavender. Remembering that aphrodisiacs may be ingestibles, scents, sights, sensations or even ideas. In addition to cocktailing, one could light a great candle, or slip into something arousing to the touch. For even more,, AROUSAL is a perfect adult beverage mixer. . For visual stimulation, try serving Arousal in an intriguing glass with a creative garnish or sweet-salted rim. Consider all of the senses, and encourage all parties to partake! Of course the beauty of FREE RAIN is that it’s already aa full-spectrum beverage that doesn’t require blending. As for the future of functional herbs in the beverage aisle, I can only imagine the trend continuing to accelerate. The demand for benefit-lead food and drinks is surging and about that, I’m thrilled! . I do believe the future of health is holistic, self-guided, accessible, integrated, and nature-based. In other words: herbalism. Arousal Cocktail Recipe: Liquid Lemon Bar INGREDIENTS 1/2 can Arousal FREE RAIN 1 TBSP lemon juice 1 – 2 tsp honey Several dashes bitters (try lemon or black lemon) Optional: 1 – 2 dropperfuls of a Kava tincture Combine ingredients and stir Serve over ice in a glass with a sugared rim. Top with several crates of lemon zest

As a professional herbalist, educator, and life-long naturalist, I have been studying the relationship between plants and people my entire life. Read More

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