Desolas Mezcal,  inspired by traditional time-honored techniques of mezcal production,  is pleased to announce its distribution relationship with premier beverage distributor Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits of Florida, effective October 2022. This will vastly expand Desolas’ availability throughout the state of Florida.

Desolas Mezcal Expands Florida Distribution with Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits

“We are honored to be working with the leading distributor in the country,” said Founder and CEO of Desolas Mezcal, GG Mirvis. “From the start, it has been our goal to share this nonsmoky mezcal with the world. Our distribution relationship with Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits of Florida will make this dream a reality.”


The global mezcal market size is estimated to be worth $241.3 million in 2022 and is forecast to be $437 million by 2028, according to Market Reports World States.


Desolas is delicately handcrafted from the Salmiana Agave in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, creating a distinct mezcal and flavor profile with low smoke and botanical and fresh aroma. The premium spirit boasts a smooth and balanced flavor with notes of citrus, black pepper and an elegant finish of vanilla.


While most mezcal is made from espadin that grows in Oaxaca, Mexico, Desolas is made from 100 percent Salmiana Agave from San Luis Potosi.  Known as the “Green Giant” due to its enormous size, Salmiana Agave is a low-yielding agave which can take up to 25 years to reach full maturity before harvesting and requires careful handling. The Piñas are cooked in above ground ovens known as “hornos” instead of an underground pit, resulting in a mezcal with lower smoke and more agave forward. The arid air and chalky soil of the region also contributes to the mezcal’s distinctive flavor characteristics, exposing herbal, grassy, and botanical notes.


“The smoke is attributed to the type of agave, the way the mezcal is prepared and how the agave is cooked,” adds Mirvis. “When you try the juice from the Salmiana Agave, you realize a mezcal can be so much more. It can also be floral, herbal and fresh.  We wanted to showcase mezcal that is more approachable, yet still complex, and stays true to the tradition of mezcal’s history.”

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Launched in 2020, Desolas is a female-founded brand that honors the artisanal process of crafting mezcal and has recently appeared in Forbes, People en Español, Vogue, and Thirsty Mag. Mirvis has spent over a decade working in the spirits industry and developed a passion for mezcal and the tradition and mystique that surrounds the spirit. She partnered with a maestro mezcalero with a long family history of producing this agave spirit.


Desolas is served on premise at prominent venues throughout New York at the chicest venues such as Polo Bar, Lucien, Bandits, Mamo, Lola Taverna, Spring Place, Osteria 57, Alice, La Pecora Bianca, Sant Ambroeus, Creatures of All Kind, and beyond while their Florida venues include Boho House, Bourbon Steak, Layla, Terras, Pretty Swell, Esme Hotel, Tropezon, Klaw, and more. The spirit is available online for nationwide shipping and can be found at select retailers throughout New York, Florida, Georgia, Texas and California. For more information, please visit www.desolasmezcal.com.