Food Gifts – 8 Food Items That Work Well as Gifts

It is quite common to give food as a gift, whether you give them a fruit basket or a gift card to a local restaurant. However, it is possible to make mistakes. Just imagine the confusion if you gave a new graduate a frozen twenty-pound turkey. On the other hand, there are food items that are almost universally accepted as gifts. Here are 8 food items that work well as gifts.




Chocolate is a premium gift, though there are more modest options than a box of luxurious chocolates. For example, you can order a gift hamper full of candy bars and have it delivered or even mailed to the recipient. For something a little nicer, you could order a box of Ferrero Rocher or Queen Anne chocolates. Chocolate is one of those gift items where you can order custom items and pre-made assortments off the shelf.


Other Types of Candy


It is hard to go wrong with a gift basket full of Haribo, Double Dip and other candies. It creates an affordable little gift basket that is perfect for anyone from a birthday girl to a favorite teacher. It works for almost all ages, though you need to be careful of food allergies and dietary concerns.


Baked Goods


Baked goods are regularly placed in gift hampers. They’re easy to assemble. You could put home-made baked goods in the gift basket, or you could add store-bought baked goods. They’re suitable for almost any occasion, though they’re a great choice if you want to thank someone for their service or need to send something to a birthday party you’re missing.


Fresh Fruit


Fresh fruit is a good choice for a number of situations. It is suitable for sympathy gifts and perfect for housewarming parties. It can be given to new clients or sent to someone who is concerned about their health.


Dried Fruit


Dried fruit is a viable alternative to fresh fruit, and it may be the better choice in some cases. Send a tray of dried fruit to a new customer, and you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged or going bad if it sits in the mail room for a few days. You can mail it to someone a long way away without worrying about shipping and handling.


Hot Drink Hampers


What is a hot drink hamper? It could take the form of a hamper containing an assortment of hot cocoa mixes, teas, or coffee pods. You can send a hot drink hamper full of exotic coffees to a friend you know loves coffee, or you could send a box full of herbal teas to a friend who likes to relax with a mug of mint tea each evening.


Alcohol Hampers


It isn’t uncommon to introduce yourself while giving someone a basket with a nice bottle of wine in it. You can take things one step farther by throwing in complementary cheese, crackers, and sausages. Or you could personalize the alcohol hamper, putting in a bottle of whiskey instead of a bottle of wine. Just keep it away from the kids.




Popcorn tins have become popular in recent years. This is in part because you can buy premium popcorn mixes such as popcorn drizzled in chocolate and butterscotch. Or you could get caramel corn with nuts. Popcorn food hampers are a great gift to give to movie lovers and those who like to snack.