Platter Hospitality, India

Platter Hospitality, IndiaPlatter Hospitality has two restaurants namely Oudh 1590 & Chapter 2. The first one boasts the period dining experience whereas the other one gives a nice retro feeling with live music and continental cuisine. Stellar decors that emanate an exotic sense of culinary firmament.

Platter Hospitality, India
Shiladitya & Debaditya Chaudhury

PLATTER HOSPITALITY Pvt Ltd, which was started in the year 2013 by brothers, Shiladitya Chaudhury and Debaditya Chaudhury is serving the taste buds of Calcutta with two of its fine dining restaurant brands, Oudh 1590 and Chapter 2. Already having five outlets of Oudh 1590, the brand is ready to open its door in North Calcutta and in Howrah. Starting from 2018, the brand will make its presence felt in Delhi and Mumbai.

BW Hotelier spoke to Chaudhury brothers to know about the future plans with their company. “We are speaking to many investors from Singapore and Germany, who are extremely keen to have a high-end Indian restaurant operating in their country. We hope things will fall into place very soon. Also, we are working out for our chain of QSR services from our end. This will be premium Dimsums, again made affordable for the mid-income groups,” said Chaudhury.

Platter Hospitality, India
Oudh Restaurant

For Chaudhury brothers, the idea behind the Platter Hospitality was to provide a five-star dining experience at a much affordable cost as there were no such brands offering a well-researched Awadhi cuisine in Calcutta. “Though there is Dum Pukht on one side and Shiraz, Arsalan and a host of other restaurants offering Awadhi delicacies on the other, but the premium cuisine that we started to offer at a reasonable price was unbelievable,” they said.

They both believe in creating destinations rather than restaurants. “Today we have five branches of Oudh 1590 and the second edition of Chapter 2 will commence early next year,” they told us.

However, reaching out to their target audience and gaining success was not an easy cake walk for them. “People were more inclined to either Biryani from Shiraz or Arsalan or Dum Pukht at ITC Sonar, there was nothing in between. So we wanted to fill the gap in between, our target base is the middle-income group and we want to make ourselves stronger by maintaining the right product, positioning, and pricing at the right level,” they stated.

Platter Hospitality, IndiaStating the fact that Bengalis are prone to everything that tastes good, the Chaudhury brothers shared some light on the Awadhi cuisine.  They said, “When it comes to Kebab or for that purpose any Awadhi food, people think that offering can be either in Chicken or in Mutton but that’s a mistaken perception.”

With Gomti River flowing in the city, Chaudhury brothers feel that fish plays an important role in the cuisine which they have highlighted through Mahi Chaap, Jhinga Biryani and Mahi Kofta in their menu.