QSR Automations, the best-in-class leader in restaurant technology, announced today the launch of ConnectSmart® RecipesPlus, a digital recipe platform aimed at transforming restaurant kitchen operations and the latest addition to their family of ConnectSmart® solutions. This easy-to-use software not only replaces old-fashioned and outdated recipe binders typically used in restaurant kitchens, it also ensures accuracy in the kitchen, creating a consistent guest experience.

As the only searchable recipe hosting software that uses AI to translate recipes for kitchens, ConnectSmart® RecipesPlus ensures all staff can understand every recipe – regardless of their native language. With easy-to-follow recipes and instructional videos, training for new personnel or products requires minimal effort.

“Making service easier for everyone is a key component of our vision at QSR Automations, so anytime we start developing a new product, we keep that top of mind. With ConnectSmart® RecipesPlus, we have successfully achieved this goal by leveraging more streamlined approaches to employee training. As a result, we have observed a favorable effect on employee retention rates and a decrease in training duration.

These outcomes not only benefit the employee experience but also facilitate a smoother workflow throughout the organization,” shares QSR Automations CEO, Angela Leet. ConnectSmart® RecipesPlus allows restaurateurs to manage recipes from a centralized location, eliminate
the hard costs of printing and distribution, and keep proprietary information safe as data is hosted securely in the cloud.

“The way people live and work today has drastically changed as new technology and digital applications are driving change across nearly every industry. The restaurant industry is no exception, as printed recipe binders are on their way out, and digital recipe solutions are in,” said Angela Ciliberti-Riedling, Vice President of Product Strategy for QSR Automations. “With QSR Automations’ ConnectSmart® RecipesPlus, restaurants can eliminate the need for printing and distributing physical copies of their recipes, resulting in significant time and cost savings. Once an update is deployed, the new recipe becomes instantly accessible.”

For years, restaurants have relied on old-fashioned printed recipe books prone to accumulating stains, being lost in translation, or just lost in general to manage their kitchens and feed hungry patrons. QSR’s ConnectSmart® RecipesPlus is providing a new alternative to those restaurant kitchens that are ready to provide their guests and kitchen staff with an elevated experience.