Costa Rica’s Hotel Belmar Embraces Regenerative Dining & Mixology

Always at the forefront of sustainable hospitality innovation, Hotel Belmar is boldly transforming its food & beverage menu into an ambitious zero-waste, carbon-neutral, nutrient-dense experience.  From the circular bio-intensive agriculture at its own Finca Madre Tierra (a fully functioning organic farming venture), to the onsite vegetable & herb gardens, to the local purchases that favor mindful sourcing, every ingredient is to be selected for its planet-positive character, economic spillover, and fresh-as-can-be flavor.  The stated goal is to achieve a perfectly balanced menu of dining and mixology experiences that prompt a full communion between travelers and the planet.   To further its food and beverage philosophy, the Belmar team has welcomed creative Chef Gilberto Briceño to the hotel’s culinary family.  Chef Gilberto brings a passion for innovation in full harmony with the land.  He has a penchant for incorporating overlooked or “forgotten” ingredients and transforming them through pickling, fermenting, or dehydrating.  Among his signature tactics, foraging stands out.  In this raw approach, Chef Gilberto fully delves in the natural surroundings to discover the wild elements that will add unique flair and character to his dishes.  Paired with recovering lost traditions and using the often-discarded parts of vegetables (like carrot stalks) Hotel … Continue reading Costa Rica’s Hotel Belmar Embraces Regenerative Dining & Mixology