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2022 – Smoked Salmon (plant-based)

2021 – Tuna (plant-based)

???? – Sushi-grade (raw), plant-based seafood

Tuna filet, plant-based.

Tuna cubes, plant-based.

Smoked Salmon Slices, plant-based.

Smoked Salmon Filet, plant-based.

All raw/sushi-grade.


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KeHE, Sysco, ACE Natural, Sunbelt Natural, and more. Please inquire.

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Current Tuna Filet:

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Current Salmon, Smoked sliced Salmon (classic smoked) Current Salmon, Smoked sliced Salmon

(smoked black pepper)


100 Best Inventions of 2021:
The Time Magazine Best in Show Award: Best new vegan product, VegNews (Expo West 2022)
Guinness World Record holder: Largest plant-based ceviche (March 2022)
plant-based food association
specialty food association
official PETA business partner


Natural Products Expo West, Anaheim Alimentaria, Barcelona

Summer Fancy Food Show, NYC SIAL, Paris

Natural Products Expo East, Philadelphia

Renegade Craft Fair, L.A. & San Francisco