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We are the leading online magazine resource for the Food & Beverage industry with our signature celebrity features with over 20 years of a valuable reputation! We have the eyes of the industry’s top professionals looking for the latest and greatest, but with being so widely popular amongst the professionals we have flooded into the consumer and foodie market! It’s very exciting the huge leaps our reputable magazine has seen since transitioning from print to fully digital!  We now have over 12 million monthly readers! The magazine was created by Michael Politz with the expert help of original advisory board members: Bobby Flay, Wolfgang Puck, Emeril Lagasse, Kerry Simon and David Burke.  Food and Beverage Magazine is the staple for buyers, decision makers and now foodies who want the best industry information and brands.

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Food & Beverage Magazine
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Food & Beverage Magazine
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Food & Beverage Magazine
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Food & Beverage Magazine
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Programmatic and Geo Targeting
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