A Healthy an​d Sweet Valentine’s ​Gift Idea​

A Healthy an​d Sweet Valentine’s ​Gift Idea​Not all Valentine’s gift ideas can be sweet and healthy, but Pukka Herbal Tea has introduced an amazing tea called “Love” for Valentine’s Day. Love tea was made by Pukka’s herbalist for his then girlfriend on the day he asked her to marry him. She said yes of course, and we like to think it is because of the tea.

For years, Pukka has been England’s best-selling organic fruit and herbal tea brand and they have come across the pond to make tea time a lot more stylish.

At the hand of a team of skilled herbalists and with meticulous attention to the quality, Pukka teas are all certified organic and are carefully blended using only the most potent, vibrant herbs available.

Love Tea is a unique blend of rose and lavender to warm the heart, elderflower and chamomile to relax and soothe and marigold petals to balance and nourish.

Made with the powerful philosophies of Ayurvedic Medicine and ingredients known to aid in digestion, immunity, weight management and more, tea drinkers are able to indulge in tea time and do something good for their body as well. Love tea is available at www.iherb.com as well as Vitamin Shoppes and Whole Foods locations throughout the US.

Bringing plants and people together, Pukka Herbs now makes teas for millions of people, grows acres of herbs and annually introduces thousands of men and women to the surprising benefits of herbs. All of the company’s teas are manufactured in the UK from organic herbs grown around the world. If one were able to read “herbal tea leafs” from this brand, an even brighter future is brewing for Pukka Herbs.

Pukka has taken product quality to a higher plain. The company created an educational program for herb farmers based on the highest standards and guidelines developed by the World Health Organization.

All of this passion and devotion to creating teas that are good for people and the earth itself has attracted more than a little attention and admiration. Pukka won its first award in 2002 for the “Best New Organic Product” at the Natural Products trade show in Brighton, England. The brand has consistently garnered top awards year after year at show after show, including ten coveted awards in just the last three years alone.

Clearly, Pukka is behind the most welcome British invasion in the U.S. in decades. American tea lovers are being conquered by the extraordinary flavorful Pukka teas that not only taste good, but make the tea drinker feel good by knowing that Pukka Herbs is doing good in many countries around the world.