Once believed to have aphrodisiac powers, they were referred to as “the love apple”. Was it because they are so delicious, that one could easily woo a lover with a delicious tomato-y dish? (so delicious THAT the dish, as well as the cook, COULD BECOME irresistible). Being such a healthy food doesn’t hurt either: nothing like a vibrant shot of good health to make a person feel romantic.

They are even the right color: luscious red, like a big fat kiss! THIS kiss of deliciousness IS A GIFT from the Greatest Tomatoes from Europe to whatever you are COOKING and TO whomever you are feeding.

This Valentine’s Day, the Greatest Tomatoes from Europe team would like to remind you that Canned tomatoes are good for your well-being. Naturally low in sugar and fat, they are also rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, minerals, fiber and antioxidants (specifically, very rich in Lycopene, known for its sun protection, improved heart health and a lower risk of certain types of cancer). Lycophene also slows skin aging and helps keep your hair shiny. Each 100 grams (about 3 ½ ounces) can of The Greatest tomatoes from Europe contain 10 mg lycopene, higher than fresh tomatoes.

With so much flavor, tomatoes don’t need lashings of butter, cream, and other rich ingredients. That’s why in honor of both Valentine’s Day and American Heart Month, the Greatest Tomatoes team from Europe offers you a selection of recipes to both woo cook and eater, as well as help keep the whole family healthy: https://greatesttomatoesfromeurope.com/recipes

And here is the thing: we can tell you all about it, but YOU MUST EXPERIENCE IT YOURSELF! For TELEVISION, RADIO, PRINT OR ONLINE MEDIA — WE CAN SEND one of our wonderful chefs TO COME whip up something utterly delicious for your Valentine’s Day! See the beautiful tomatoes in action, and the beautiful chefs, too. We are all beautiful when we are eating tomatoes!

Greatest Tomatoes from Europe is not a specific BRAND. It is a claim representing canned tomatoes 100% Made in Europe.

Enjoy– it’s from Europe!