ROAR Organics®️ Launches New Social Media Campaign to Support National Retail Roll-Out at 7-Eleven

As ROAR Organics®️ rolls nationally into 7-Eleven, the brand is launching a new social media campaign that calls attention to the importance of hydration in staying healthy during this challenging season. In addition to reminding consumers to hydrate regularly and organically, the ROAR®️ consumer outreach campaign provides tips to stay safe, from “get a flu shot” to “wear a mask.”   


“Of course, we want everyone to hydrate organically with ROAR,” said Alexandra Galindez, President of ROAR, “but more importantly, we want to do our part to help everyone stay healthy and safe. Gaining national distribution at 7-Eleven is fantastic, as it makes the brand available to many more people. But our regional presence at Wegman’s in the East and Albertson-Safeway in the West, and key natural retailers such as Fresh Market, Fresh Thyme, King’s, Gelson’s, Bristol Farms, and Mother’s Market, is integral to our growth strategy.” 


ROAR is a unique to its category. In addition to being USDA Organic, it offers an array of in-demand attributes – electrolytes, antioxidants, vitamins A, B3, B5, B6, C and E, no preservatives, and only 2-3 grams of sugar and 20 calories per serving.  All that goodness comes with great taste in four delicious flavors:  Mango Clementine, Cucumber Watermelon, Blueberry Acai and Georgia Peach. ROAR is available in an 18 oz. bottle and, at, in powder sticks. The 18-ounce bottle has SRP of $1.99 to $2.49.  


“We are really excited,” Galindez said. “A lot of people now have the opportunity to try ROAR for the first time, and they’re going to be amazed by how good it tastes. And when they read the label, by how good it is for them.  ROAR is poised to become America’s go-to hydration beverage.”  


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