2019 PR%F Awards Being held June 16-18th in Las Vegas NV

2019 PR%F Awards Being held June 16-18th in Las Vegas NVThe spirits awards competition season is heating up and beginning to stir much discussion within the beverage industry. Setting the stage to crown spirit brands and highlight emerging new brands, the PR%F Awards are the most recent to enter the scene with a new platform; designed to build awareness and notoriety while getting the brands in front of the correct decision makers. Register Here.

The PR%F Awards is now open & taking entries for its international & domestic alcohol & liquor brand awards competition set for June 16-18, 2019.  The PR%F Awards platform is designed to crown the top Spirits & Liquors from around the world through objective industry review, the ability to open new doors to buyers and vast publicity and acknowledgment. All winning brands will receive the distinguished PR%F Award medal and industry accolades that come with being awarded by a world-class panel of Spirits & Beverage decision makers.

The PR%F Awards will take place June 16-18, 2019 in Las Vegas with a prestigious panel of judges that are regarded as key leaders & buying decision makers of the spirit industries. Each judge plays a key role as decision-makers for distribution, retail, and purchasing; and each is looking for the next shelf mover.

The sequestered and private judging process will be 100% double-blind for the preliminary rounds (bronze, silver, gold, double-gold, Century) all the way to the final sweepstakes round which determines Best of Show winners in each main category.  All 100 point perfect scoring brands will become the honored recipient of the #Century Distinction by the PR%F Awards.

So what makes this awards platform different?  First, each of our judges is a buying decision maker – a distributor, retail chain buyer or liquor-store owner.  Each of our judges is hungry to find the next winner and to be a part of that brand’s journey to success.  Next, Food and Beverage Magazine, the title partner of PR%F Awards understand the gamut of the industry and is keen on building new brands and making a difference.

At Food and Beverage Magazine, we wanted to sponsor an award that brings the spirit of competition with objectivity and integrity to those that win. We are brand against itself, so based upon the point system, each brand will be judged on eyes, nose, mouth, feel, taste, finish and finesse. It’s not the little guy versus the big guy, it’s every brand trying to be the best brand it can be,” said Michael Politz, founder, and publisher of Food and Beverage Magazine.

“Food and Beverage Magazine along with our sister media source F&B Podcast Network will be heavily involved in making sure the winners attain proper exposure for these top accolades.”

Following the three-day tasting and design competitions, the private, unedited and unbiased “tasting notes” on each entry will be provided to all entrants casting insights from all members on each the panel.   In addition, a private tasting with winners will take place with panel judges and distributors after the brand name is revealed. Winners will receive copy-ready art of its brand with its appropriate medal and no licensing fee will be required.  Plus, all Double-Gold winners will receive an article in Food and Beverage Magazine.

The 2019 PR%F Awards presented by Food & Beverage Magazine(10 million monthly readers noted by Amazon’s Alexa rating system, and noted as the most progressive resource in the F&B industry); the medal winners will be announced and showcased in several upcoming issues of Food & Beverage Magazine starting July 2019 as well as broadcasted on Food & Beverage Podcast Network.

In addition to receiving decorative medals and honors/certification, and a comprehensive marketing package, the selection of winners will be included in an extensive visibility program, including a detailed press distribution campaign to industry trades, and will also be showcased to a variety of distributors and industry experts via trade shows, podcast broadcasts, press distribution, and social media.


About The PR%F Awards and PR%F Design Distinctions

The PR%F Awards is the premier spirits awards program and PR%F Awards Design Distinctions is headquartered at 3900 Hualapai Avenue, Las Vegas, Nev. 89123.  The competition will be held on June 16-18, 2019.  www.proofawards.com


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