2020 First Lady’s Commemorative Egg Officially Unveiled Virtually by the American Egg Board

The American Egg Board has officially unveiled the 2020 First Lady’s Commemorative Egg in a first-ever virtual gallery, showcasing decades of Commemorative Eggs presented at the White House on behalf of America’s egg farmers.

For more than 40 years, America’s egg farmers have presented the First Lady’s Commemorative Egg, and this year, the tradition will be brought to life in an expanded digital gallery experience for Americans at home.

This inaugural digital gallery includes decades of previous First Lady’s Commemorative Eggs all of which are actual egg shells, and behind-the-scenes footage of the creation of the 2020 Commemorative Egg for First Lady Melania Trump.

“The First Lady’s Commemorative Egg from America’s egg farmers is a time-honored tradition dating back to 1977, and we are thrilled to keep the tradition going while we celebrate Easter at home this year,” said Anne L. Alonzo, CEO and President of the American Egg Board. “You can explore the historical significance and artistic design of the First Lady’s Commemorative Eggs online and may even want to create their own First Lady’s Commemorative Egg and share it on social media using #IncredibleEgg!”

About the 2020 First Lady’s Commemorative Egg
The 43rd Annual First Lady’s Commemorative Egg is an extra-large chicken egg that has been hollowed and intricately decorated. The design reflects the First Lady Melania Trump’s “Be Best” initiative and pulls inspiration from the children of America’s egg farmers. The 2020 Egg is painted in royal blue paint and accented with gold leaf, featuring a carved tree to honor the “Be Best” initiative. The tree signifies children planting the seeds of personal growth, and three hearts within the foliage represent the three pillars of the “Be Best” campaign — kindness, community and positivity. All three words also appear in gold-leaf on the back of the egg. The book base represents the endless possibilities of America’s children.

Three artists helped bring this year’s egg to life: Quentin Oliver of Quiet Light Communications, located in Rockford, Ill., created the design; award-winning Salt Lake City egg artist Brian Baity carved and painted the egg; and Laura J. Schiller, out of her art studio in Westminster, Colo., created the polymer clay book that represents the endless potential of America’s children.

About the First Lady’s Commemorative Egg Annual Tradition
Each First Lady’s Commemorative Egg is crafted by a specialized egg artist who is typically a member of the International Egg Art Guild and given as a gift from the American Egg Board on behalf of America’s egg farmers. Eventually, these eggs may be housed at respective presidential libraries, as administered by the National Archives and Records Administration. In some cases, these pieces of art become part of the first lady’s personal collection.

Previous First Lady’s Commemorative Eggs have reflected the passions of America’s first ladies and their initiatives, such as the promotion of literacy or the importance of family and American traditions. The artist also leverages his or her own unique talents and skill, including egg etching or egg carving.

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About the American Egg Board (AEB)
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