Technology that Improves Dining

It’s Friday night and you’ve just finished an amazing dinner with friends. Filled with contentment and good food, you’re ready to pay your check and leave. A few minutes pass and you realize the server is nowhere in sight. As frustration over the wait increases, that feeling of happiness begins to dissipate. Your great meal has been punctuated by painfully slow service and impatience.

Or maybe you’re the family with young children trying to get through a meal without drawing attention. Your toddler makes it through the main course, but quickly loses patience and is ready to go NOW. You frantically skim the restaurant for your server, ready for your check a bit earlier than would be expected, while tossing back a few final bites of your dinner. Seconds seem like minutes, and minutes seem like hours, as your payment is processed.

What if there was a simpler way to pay your check? Something that enabled you to pay the minute you’re ready, and even allowed you to split the tab among your friends?

Introducing Kvits, a free downloadable app designed to satisfy these needs and more. Kvits is a payment platform that allows users to pay their bills at restaurants, bars, cafes and more, all without waiting for a server. You can split your bill among other guests, add a tip and even rate the service you received.

Using Kvits not only makes paying your check easier, it significantly reduces the wait time for a table. Patrons spend less time waiting for their check to be dropped off, picked up, swiped, brought back and signed. This translates to less unnecessary waiting, quicker table turns and a more enjoyable dining experience.

Our platform and a free app integrates with the restaurants POS system and processes transactions in real time. When you’re ready to pay, you simply open the app and enter your table’s unique ID. Your order appears on the screen and displays various payment options. Payment methods accepted include major credit cards (Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express), PayPal, ApplePay, Gift Cards and more.

Restaurants, bars and other dining establishments benefit from Kvits in a number of ways. Tables turn faster, which increases sales up to 55% and, most importantly, customer satisfaction. Your servers spend more time caring for customers, and less time running back and forth to the POS system. Customer reviews and comments are easily accessible. These can be used for quality assurance and identifying areas that may need improvement. Our system features reports and statistics. Partnered restaurants can even initiate promotional coupons via Kvits, providing guests the ability to apply them at the time of checkout. Kvits is a win-win for both customers and dining establishments.

Equip yourself with technology that improves your dining experience and takes the hassle out of paying your check.


Denis Timchuk – CEO & Founder