3 Best CBD Edibles for the Winter

With the winter coming, it’s the perfect time for hot, steaming comfort food to get you through the cold months. It’s also a good time to try using cannabidiol (CBD), a natural health supplement that is derived from hemp. It is a great supplement for the winter, because it is able to improve sleep, reduce stress and anxiety that can come from shorter days, and relieve pain. People with chronic pain often have their conditions flare up due to the declining temperature.


If you want to combine the two and use CBD edibles from Joy Organics with hot food and drinks to help your health and wellness, you can start with these three.

1. Cooking Oil

Cooking oil is a great base to begin making your favorite comfort foods, and there are many types, including olive oil, canola oil, or chili oil. Any of these options are great to use when making dishes like shepherd’s pie, chicken pot pie, chili, and more. Oil also serves as a great base for infusing CBD into your food. You use it when cooking your meat, so the fat and oils mix together and become infused with the CBD. While you can also add CBD oil or hemp flower to the meat as it is cooking instead, you can purchase cooking oil that is already infused with it so you don’t have to worry about whether or not you’re doing it properly.

2. Honey Sticks

Tea is always a good option for colder months, and there are some teas that work particularly well for the winter, such as chamomile or ginger. These teas are known to work to boost your health, immune system, and overall wellness. The combination of the natural herbs works well with CBD. The best way to infuse CBD in with tea is to purchase pre-infused honey sticks, which will also add some natural sweetness to your tea. However, you can also mix in ground up hemp leaves to steep it with the rest of your tea.

3. Butter

The final CBD edible that works well for winter recipes is butter, sometimes called canna-butter with either THC or CBD. It can be used for cooking, but it works best when used in baking recipes. You can use it to line your baking tray, but you can also use it to bake cookies, brownies, muffins, cake, croissants, and more. An important thing to remember is that the butter should not be directly exposed to high heat. It is fine if it is contained within the baked goods, but it will begin to dissipate on its own when faced with temperatures over 350 degrees.


If you are not comfortable cooking with CBD ingredients, you can purchase certain dishes pre-made. You can get pre-infused tea, baked goods, candies, and more. You can also purchase ingredients already infused with CBD that make the process easier. You just need ro mix the ingredients with a recipe you are already familiar with, so you get your favourite food with CBD included.