53’s Zero Proof Cocktail Menu

Sober curiosity has taken the world by storm and it is great whether you are a non-drinker, want to cut back or just want something fun to drink without feeling a buzz (or a hangover). Altamarea Group’s restaurant 53, a three-level contemporary Asian eatery offers an extensive zero proof menu including cocktails, wines and beers. From the glass to the ingredients to the garnish, 53’s non-alcoholic drinks have as much care and consideration as their spirit-forward counterparts.

53’s Zero Proof Cocktail: Redefining Beverage Innovation

Helmed by Michelin-starred chef and partner Akmal Anuar and Executive Chef Mark Yu, the Faux 53 (lemon, ginger, honey, sparkling riesling, lemon chip) and the Godai (house “whiskey”, okinawa kokuto sugar, grapefruit bitters, licorice root) pair perfectly with the menu of duck pie tee, seaweed salad, crispy wonton, lamb ribs, king prawn, fried rice, and the black cod clay pot.

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53’s newest summer libation, Mermaid Tears, a beautiful mix of orange, coconut, pandan, lime, orgeat, and perrier, complements the warm weather cocktails such as the Counter-Spritz (Italian rosso, lemon grapefruit, honey, ginger, tonic) and Club Razz (raspberry, mint tea, lemon, soda).