73rd Annual Wine & Spirts Wholesalers of America

35-Year Old Lombardo Marsala to Be Uncorked at 73rd Annual Wine & Spirts Wholesalers of America (WSWA) Convention

73rd Annual Wine & Spirts Wholesalers of America

Most people associate Marsala wine with cooking but those in the know appreciate the finer expressions and there is none finer than the recently released 35-year old Lombardo Marsala Vergine Risereva del Centenario” which will be introduced at the WSWA convention April 18 in Las Vegas by Shaw-Ross International Importers.

The inspiration came from Lombardo winemaker, Giuseppe Aripoli, as a tribute to the famed Lombardo family’s 100th anniversary in 1981.  The anniversary coincided with an exceptional vintage for the Sicilian grapes Grillo, Cataratto and Inzolia. Aged for 35 years in 100-year old oak casks, the remarkable wine pairs amazingly well with food especially sharp cheese, curry and the seafood that is so plentiful in its home region.

“We’re honored that the famed Lombardo family has selected Shaw-Ross to distribute this once in a lifetime release,” said Bruce Hunter, managing director for Shaw-Ross. “This is an exceptional limited edition bottling that features a bold, complex flavor and a long velvety finish that would grace any dinner table.”

In 1881, the Lombardo Family built their winery on the Mediterranean in the seaside town of Marsala located on the western coast of Sicily. The man who invented Marsala in 1770, John Woodhouse, made it famous by importing it all over Europe.  Today, the Lombardo’s live in the same home where Woodhouse resided and they continue their family’s tradition of excellence I n crafting the finest Marsala in the world.

“When you have a remarkable wine it’s imperative you have a remarkable company to distribute it,” said Frank Vollero, Lombardo Marsala Brand Manager. “It was with that reasoning choosing Shaw-Ross was a very easy decision for the Lombardo family.”

For those attending WSWA, private samplings of the Riserva del Centenario can be arranged at the Shaw-Ross suite.

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