A New Generation Of Champagne Has Arrived

Brent Hocking, wine and spirits industry mogul and founder of DeLeón Tequila and Virginia Black Whiskey is proud to introduce a new generation of Champagne. Introducing, Mod Sélection, a luxury Champagne which has been produced in the Vallee de Marne region for hundreds of years and has only been available to the political and industry elite in France, until NOW! Brent Hocking’s mission is to disrupt the Champagne market with the launch of Mod Sélection.

Hocking has adopted a similar model to bring Mod Sélection to market as he did in Tequila, Mexico to unveil “a whole new class of Tequila” (World Beverage Competition) with DeLeón. He has been working with a family in Champagne for years to make careful considerations and aging adjustments to their age old liquid to create a superior product to be released under Hocking’s company brand name, Mod Sélection.

With DeLeón, Hocking met a family who had been producing Tequila in Guanajuato, Mexico for generations. He worked with them on barrel aging and flavor profile and in 2009 launched the first two iterations of what would become the core line of original ultra-premium DeLeón Tequila.  These first two marks earned Hocking Grand prize and best in show at the World Beverage Competition where the judges announced that “a whole new class of tequila had been realized”.  Hocking continued to work with the family creating his own signature vintage marques and eventually releasing 5 different variants; winning top industry awards again for each of the 5 marques and unprecedented five years in a row.

Prized for its delicate extraction and superior juice selection, Mod Sélection distinguishes itself from the overtly autolytic characteristics of many Champagnes today. Its Pinot Meunier dominant Cuvées are produced using meticulous settling, natural clarification and rigorous fermentation controls. Its Mod Rosé is one of few Champagnes produced via the rare Saignée method. All processes are carried out with exacting precision to preserve the fresh, bright and balanced house style.

Mod Sélection comes to market with an entire ten-variant Champagne portfolio aged up to ten years on the lees. The Mod Réserve and Mod Rosé variants in 750ml, 1.5L Magnum and 3L Jeroboam presentations are the first of the line to debut, available now. Releases from the highly sought after 2008 Vintage to follow.

“The meticulous process and purity of this Champagne throughout all variants is simply stunning,” says Hocking, Founder & CEO of Mod Sélection Champagne. “Yes, we have some very interesting and publicized people who love this Champagne, but the authenticity and quality of the wine are what they are fans of.” 

For more information on Mod Sélection Champagne, visit www.modselectionchampagne.com.