A team from Yale University just launched their focus-enhancing energy seltzer, Seltz Energy on Indiegogo!

Seltz is the ultimate update to the traditional “energy drink,” providing an improved mental and physical performance with natural, guilt-free ingredients. The drinks are designed with an “essentials only” approach: every ingredient has a purpose, and every ingredient is its healthiest version. Our energy blend is supported by rigorous scientific research and decades of anecdotal evidence from the health and supplement community.


Our flavors are crafted from all-natural ingredients to provide a sugar-free, preservative-free beverage with less than 5 calories. Seltz comes in three light and everscent flavors: Lemon Elderflower, Peach Ginger, and Cucumber Lime. Each flavor is a stark contrast to traditional energy drinks which are overly sweet and artificial tasting.


Our Story

For us, it all started with a shared desire to be our best, day in and day out.

The Seltz team met in college, that time where there are so many opportunities and things to do that it feels that there’s just not enough time… and energy… to do it. That didn’t stop us from trying though, and we fell into the all-so-common pattern of alternating between pots of coffee and the newest energy drink (..or both). We were mindlessly “running on caffeine” – that frustrating feeling like you’re pushing your body so hard that your mental self just can’t keep up.

We knew there was a more effective way to use caffeine. It became clear to us that a careful balance of both physical and mental elevation is vital for feeling genuinely energized, just like that determined, confident capableness that naturally comes with a second wind.

So we did immense research and learned the science. We commandeered our roommate’s SodaStream. We relentlessly pursued a natural, effective, balanced energy solution that we could truly call the best. We found Seltz, and we knew we had to share it with the world.

We believe that merely “running on caffeine” is a compromise we shouldn’t have to make. Caffeine shouldn’t have to come with a trade-off of sustained focus and consistency for jitters or sugar crashes. With Seltz, there is no “running on caffeine” – there’s only “running on you,” boosting your body and your mind together to reveal the natural high performance of you being at your very best.

Our mission is to elevate you to your peak mental performance, without compromise. Our goal is to help you reach your mental and physical best. Every day.

Our Team

Brandon Peterson- CEO/Co-Founder – Senior at Yale University

Gannon Connon- Co-Founder – Phd. Chemistry from Yale University

Maxim Yazarov- 2nd year School of Management at Yale University