American Summits, the nation’s fastest growing mountain spring water, has announced the release of collectible, commemorative labeled “Limited Edition” glass-bottled spring water designed to celebrate the Presidential Inauguration. The Wyoming-sourced spring water brand, recognizing that as much as 98% of the bottled water sold in U.S. restaurants and hotels is imported, is urging Americans to take pride in the purity of their own wilderness springs on inauguration day and “drink American!”

American Summits, available in sparkling or still varieties, is expected to be the water of choice at a range of inauguration parties in Washington and beyond.  Its unique freshness and purity captures the taste of the American wilderness itself.

Emily Parker, COO of American Summits, commented, “Whatever one’s party affiliation, the Presidential Inauguration is a time when Americans unite to celebrate the democratic process. I can think of no better way to toast our President and our country than with water that is purely and uniquely American.  We’re proud to offer these commemorative label glass bottles for holiday celebrations throughout December and inauguration celebrations in January.”

For those celebrating the inauguration at home, or for those seeking to add a conversation starter to holiday gatherings in December, American Summits Presidential Inauguration commemorative glass bottled water is available for shipping throughout the United States and can be ordered online at <>

About American Summits
American Summits mountain spring water flows from an isolated spring, naturally recharged by rain and snowfall, located in Wyoming’s remote Beartooth Mountain Range. Bottled at the source, American Summits water is never subjected to chemical treatment, preservatives, reverse osmosis or distillation. Instead, our water is organically filtered through layers of mountain rock, and mechanically filtered to remove fine particulates, leaving traces of beneficial minerals and a balanced alkaline level. The result is a natural, unadulterated spring water of exceptional purity and clarity. With our still and sparkling water the perfect accompaniment to any food or wine, we seek to be the mineral water of choice at fine restaurants, hotels and spas across the country – as well as at celebrations large and small in American homes.  Above all, we strive to offer a pure taste of the American wilderness itself.

American Summits is distributed to restaurants, hotels and specialty retailers who are committed to purity, quality, and local sourcing and is currently available in greater Los Angeles, Chicago, Las Vegas, metropolitan D.C., Wyoming, Montana, and Utah. American Summits can be shipped to businesses and consumers in most areas of the United States. Learn more or order online at <> . Like us on Facebook at  <>  or follow us on Twitter: @AmericanSummits.