America’s Adult Beverage Arsenal Just Got a Whole Lot Cheekier

Wreck Beach Spirits’ flagship product, Boozie Freezie, is infiltrating the adult beverage scene in the U.S. Yes, that’s right, they have turned your favorite childhood treat, the ice pop, into an adult party favor. Alana Thomson, Founder of Wreck Beach Spirits, who is known for selling her bootlegged popsicles with alcohol at a world-famous clothing-optional beach, has gone legit and her products are taking the U.S. by storm. Boozie Freezies are debuting in KansasCaliforniaTexasColorado, and Florida. Online purchases will be available across the country from

The four flavors of Boozie Freezies are:

  • Brisky Frisky Daiquiri: Rum Just had a Snowball Fight With Strawberries, Lemons, and Limes.
  • Glacier Margarita: An Icy-Cold Twist on the Southwest’s Best. Blue Agave Spirit, Lime, And Salt.
  • Sunshine On the Rocks: A Tropi-Gold Fruit Twist Over Vodka Coconut Creme, and a Kiss of Sweetness.
  • VodkaBerry Snow: Refreshment Takes a Vodka Splash Through Tart-Sweet Citrus and Berries.

“Ice Pops are so nostalgic from childhood. Fueling them with alcohol for adults takes something nostalgic and makes it a tad naughty. It’s your childhood memories, only tainted! A little naughtiness, cheekiness, or a dash of mayhem oozes summer fun. We’ve taken that innocent treat, fuelled it with premium booze and fruit purees, and created a high-quality product that is low in sugar and is the perfect partner in crime for every type of summer shenanigan.” – Alana Thomson, Founder of Wreck Beach Spirits.

Boozie Freezie is an alcoholic freeze pop product line armed with premium spirits, fruit purees and concentrates, a dash of sugar, and sweetened with Monk Fruit, a natural sweetener that has no calories. Health is important to the Wreck Beach Spirits team and Thomson wants her products to reflect that.

Boozie Freezies are available to purchase in 6-packs as well as a 12-pack Mixer Pack.  Americans can begin enjoying Boozie Freezies in the next few weeks and clothing is optional.

About Wreck Beach Spirits
Wreck Beach Spirits is a female-run, craft alcoholic beverage company. The name of Wreck Beach Spirits was inspired where the products got their start, Wreck Beach in Vancouver, Canada. This beach is an internationally-acclaimed 7.8 km long clothing-optional beach. They currently offer a line of Unsweetened Vodka Fizz in Canada and Boozie Freezies launching in select states and online at