Behind the scenes of a Resort Bakery Team

2016 Holiday Bakery Awesomeness

Behind the scenes of a Resort Bakery TeamFor the three big holiday weekends, the bakery was busier than we have probably ever been. Busier even than after our Hotel opening, before the recession hit New Mexico.

Following the ABQ MAGAZINE Best of the City Event,  the Bakery produced 860 Dessert Covers the first weekend.

For the second weekend, the Bakery produced approximately 2,494 dessert covers.

Leading up to the third weekend, we pushed out over 400 desserts for the Pueblo of Isleta’s annual Elderly Center Luncheon, and served about 750 desserts for the 6th Annual Gildan NM Bowl the following day.

Immediately after the bowl, the rooms were flipped and another 913 desserts were served for weekend holiday parties.

All told, there were over 5,417 holiday desserts created during the month of December.

None of this includes the two conventions that were brought in during the time frame, or the Concert specials, or the regular workload associated with our various outlets.   Additionally, the Bakery makes approximately 5000 treats each month for the display case in Chile Ristra (one of our Resort’s busiest food outlets).

An equal nod to the Banquet Kitchen, who had an incredible workload. They are tasked with preparing multiple dishes (protein, starches and vegetables) for each of the people the Bakery makes sweets and bread for. The  Main Kitchen for understanding that all of the available space, speed racks, sheet pans and hotel pans were going to be occupied, and Banquet Staff for turning rooms around decorating, and serving all of this food, plus beverages and bar setups.

Everyone worked together as best we could to prepare and serve so much to our guests.

This, all in addition to a handcrafted, entirely edible, 8-foot tall gingerbread house the team made as well!  And we’re currently in talks of donating the house to a local children’s hospital following the holidays.  I would certainly appreciate the opportunity to speak with you about the house as well.   Link for photos of the house