BentoBox Launches 100% Contactless Ordering and Payment for Restaurants

BentoBox, a hospitality platform that empowers restaurants to own their presence, profits and relationships, today announced the launch of Dine-In Ordering to enable contactless ordering and tableside payment for restaurants and their guests. This product launched in response to high market demand as a way to help restaurants digitize the on-premise experience, which is especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through an easy, contactless experience, Dine-In Ordering keeps employees and guests safe while reducing costs. The new set of features, which is free for BentoBox Online Ordering customers, helps restaurants focus on hospitality rather than basic tasks that can be easily automated. Dine-In Ordering includes complimentary tabletop signs with the restaurant’s brand and customized QR code, which turns the guest’s mobile device into a tool to seamlessly place an order. It also includes customized digital menus that restaurant owners can easily update in real-time, driving efficient operations and an even better customer experience.

A fully digital experience, Dine-In Ordering removes the need for paper menus, bills, receipts, and check presenters to facilitate safety for servers and diners. Besides being secure and sustainable, Dine-In Ordering maximizes revenue by turning tables faster and delivering a positive guest experience that upholds social distancing. As an example, guests no longer have to get a server’s attention to place an order or wait for the check. By eliminating these transactional touchpoints, restaurant staff can fully focus on enhancing the guest experience and making sure that every interaction is deliberate and adds value.

“We have laid a foundation that enables restaurants to use their digital storefront to grow and communicate with their guests, which matters now more than ever as they work to reopen safely,” said Krystle Mobayeni, Co-Founder and CEO of BentoBox. “We are going to continue expanding our product suite to support the digital transformation of restaurants in a way that empowers them to truly own their brand and deliver their new version of hospitality.”

While Dine-In Ordering is free of charge for Online Ordering customers, BentoBox customers not yet using Bento Ordering can purchase a license at $39 per month. New customers can purchase a standalone license at $79 for the first location, which also includes online ordering for pickup and delivery.