Best Restaurants – Chicago, IL

Rose Mary

“Located in the historic Fulton Market district of Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood, Rose Mary is Chef/Owner Joe Flamm’s debut restaurant inspired by his Italian heritage and the bold, bright flavors of Croatian cuisine. The boisterous space—named for Flamm’s grandmothers, Mary and Mary Rose, and the herb rosemary, which grows natively along the Italian and Croatian coastlines—offers a seasonal menu of rustic yet refined dishes that encapsulate what Flamm has coined ‘Adriatic drinking food.’ “


“Soulé Chicago is a boutique restaurant inspired by the first line in Biggie Small’s legendary hip-hop single,“Juicy”: “It was all a dream…” and the soulful memories of Grandma Bea’s laughter and Momma’s smile. The soul food kitchen has always been a place where family, friends and tribe would gather to catch-up on love. Soulé is no different. We welcome you to Chicago’s West Town; home of the best creole-infused soul food delights on the planet. Our vision is bigger than food. We exist in celebration of culture and community…”


“Ever is the creative obsession of Michelin-starred chef Curtis Duffy and his business partner Michael Muser. Ever is for those who enter our four walls looking for an experience of a lifetime. Our pursuit of refinement is never finished; our ambition has only intensified. This is our Ever. We look forward to sharing it with you.”

Manny’s Cafeteria & Delicatessen

“…Even when Manny’s opened its location 52 years ago, it was among the last of the unique style of urban eatery – the home style, family-run cafeteria bubbling with the spirit of its neighborhood and attracting patrons from all walks of life. In those early years, if you lived or worked anywhere in the vicinity you could hitch a ride on the Manny’s van that circled around making deliveries and picking up customers for lunch. Still, to get the full effect of the rich history surrounding Manny’s you have to view the dining room walls decorated with news clippings, reviews, snapshots, and memorabilia demonstrating how deeply Chicagoans treasure this historic restaurant – as a place to eat and meet, and as a memento of downtown as it was a half century ago, a relic of the past.”

Pequod’s Pizza

“Locals enjoyed the hometown pizzeria for its unique atmosphere and great deep dish pizza. In June of 1986 the original owner sold the pizzeria, leading to a rebirth. New leadership reinvigorated the restaurant. The menu expanded and a savory thin crust pizza was added to the fabled pan pizza. As word of mouth popularity grew, Pequod’s became the best known secret for Pizza in Chicago’s northwest suburbs. Many of the faithful continue to make pilgrimages to Pequods after moving from the Chicago area. January 1992 began a new chapter in the Pequod’s legend. In response to the pleading of many faithful customers, Pequods opened in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago. Thanks to the enthusiastic patronage of loyal customers, Pequod’s began to build a new cult following in the Windy City, quickly becoming known for late night pizza and delivery of their world class deep dish pizza.”


“Ricobene’s opened our doors to Chicago in 1946 with the mission of spreading our love of incredible food and the finest ingredients as widely as possible. We couldn’t have asked for a better reception. Since we first started operating, we’ve developed a loyal fan base that is just as particular about good food as we are! Come on down and meet us in person.”


“Cured meats are our foundation at Lardon, the first restaurant from Meadowlark Hospitality, a newly formed restaurant group from Steve Lewis and Chris Thompson. Thompson’s charcuterie program focuses on the utilization of the whole animal, sourcing from local farmers and purveyors throughout the Midwest. After a two-year-long complete rehabilitation, the space is filled with subtle nods to the origins of the 110-year-old building, including the exposed brick walls and original wood joists. Resorted antique honeycomb tiled floors pay homage to a bygone era in classic Chicago design, while white subway tiles line the back bar of the light-filled space.”

Gibsons Italia

“Gibsons Italia is built on a tradition & elegance that is relentless in the pursuit of the very best. Chef-driven tastes of Italy are paired with the superiority of Gibsons Steakhouse, creating a restaurant that makes the familiar, exceptional. The iconic Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse has been one of Chicago’s leading restaurants since 1989. The first restaurant group in the country to have its own USDA certification program, Gibsons has expanded its repertoire with 14 locations in 4 states and 9 distinguished concepts. Gibsons continues to be an industry leader in hospitality, quality and value to its customers and the cities in which it occupies.”

Las Carnitas Uruapan

“Founded in 1975 by Inocencio Carbajal aka “El Guero”, Carnitas Uruapan is the legendary destination for those whose palates crave authentic Carnitas from Michoacan, Mexico. It’s no secret that Inocencio’s hard work, passion for Mexican flavors, and courage have made him a local celebrity in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood, where he opened the first restaurant more than 40 years ago. Carnitas Uruapan has created a successful brand story, featured in a variety of media outlets, including Univision, The Food Network, VICE, The Cooking Channel, and PBS by consistently making sure the family recipe remains true to its Mexican heritage, unmodified for the American market in any way. Now, with the recent expansion into a second location in Gage Park, Carnitas Uruapan will continue to expand the brand with its traditional menu, but bringing a refreshed brand look and feel for patrons to experience.”

Sushi Suite

“Located inside an unmarked hotel suite in Hotel Lincoln, Suite 202 offers Chicago’s first hotel room turned Sushi speakeasy. The experience features an intimate 6-seat sushi counter with your own private chef for a 75-minute, 17-course Omakase.”

Roka Akor

“Located in Chicago’s River North, Roka Akor is modern in approach, Japanese in spirit, and features a contemporary, chef-driven menu with dishes meant to be shared. Menu highlights include exquisite cuts of prime steak, rare Wagyu from various regions of Japan, grilled seafood, and sushi. Roka’s signature robata grill creates an experience you won’t find in any other steakhouse. Our cuisine is complemented by signature cocktails, wine, sake, and an extensive and award-winning list of fine whiskies. Roka Akor Chicago is beautifully designed space featuring local artist impressions intertwined with Roka’s signature timeless design of earthy, natural elements in a contemporary yet comfortable setting. Our thoughtful dining space provides the right backdrop for any occasion. Our large, energetic dining room offers a full view of our signature robata grill, and counter seating where guests may interact with the chefs.Roka Bar is a sleek lounge where you can host a happy hour or indulge in a night cap. A private dining room and semi-private dining area are also available for business dinners or special occasions.”