The best sandwich container in the world

The best sandwich container in the worldSandwiches are still the most popular and appreciated snacks in lunch breaks and not only. But, there is an issue when it comes to transporting them safely. Our favorite sandwich ends up being crushed, the content risking getting all over the insides our bag, backpack, or wherever we put our sandwich. Not to mention that an improper storage means that the sandwich wrap can fail from working, exposing our snack to germs and dust. Let’s be honest about it! A crushed sandwich will never be too appealing,

Luckily, you can forget all about this, because soon you will have the best solution for transporting and storing sandwiches when you are on the go. The solution is  ContainEasy, a patent pending sandwich container that you will love using. It has the size of a regular sandwich, allowing you to easily put the sandwich inside it and taking it out when you are hungry. It is enough to wrap your sandwich, or any other snacks you like, in plastic or wax paper, and easily slide it inside the container. Also, if the sandwich is wrapped, the container will remain clean for using the next day as well. You won’t have to wash it after every use.

The container is designed to be used with ease by adults and children alike, because it has no lid or a sophisticated closing system. You just slid the sandwich in it and use the finger channel to get the sandwich out in a matter of seconds. It is also lightweight and will fit almost any bag, briefcase, backpack, lunchboxes or handbags with ease. You won’t even feel carrying it around, but you will appreciate a great looking and fresh sandwich when you will start feeling hungry. Also, do remember that you can use the container to transport any type of snack that fits inside the container. All you need to do is wrap the snacks just like you would do with your sandwich and place the snack in the container.

The best sandwich container in the worldSoon, a Kickstarter campaign will be started to promote this innovative sandwich and snack container. You’d better stay tuned in because you will have the chance to enjoy some giveaways and other surprises offered by the manufacturer. The age of fresh and delicious sandwiches is about to start, with the help of ContainEasy. Keeping your lunch organized and fresh has never been so easy.  Please visit for more information.