BEYOND THE LOBBY: PENINSULA HOTEL CHICAGO, THE TERRACEShanghai Terrace at the Peninsula Hotel in Downtown Chicago, offers respite on any day for a traveler or local. The food is prepared to the highest standards of quality, freshness and presentation. Most chinese restaurants are run by business owners not chefs, even beautiful Chinatown cannot compare in its pedestrian homey offerings. This place is for the food gourmand who can discern subtle flavors upon impact. This place is sublime for dim sum lunch on the terrace or cocktails and bites. Dining is a pleasure and the menu ever changing and adapting, never ceases to impress, surprise and amaze. Try shopping and duplicating any of it for less! Its a steal for the educated consumer and polished palette. So if you are looking to go because it sounds expensive – don’t! You don’t belong here and will not leave happy. What you are looking for isn’t in any restaurant. But if you savor fine cuisine then jump in with both chopsticks and enjoy!!