Boston Strong since 1933

Boston Strong since 1933Dion’s (the new generation of D&L Liquors) has been a family owned and operated staple of the Waltham community for five generations. Since the very day following the end of Prohibition, the Dion family has provided the community with a large and carefully curated selection of beer, wine and spirits. Rumor has it that the first day D&L Liquors was opened in 1933 they sold out of absolutely everything in stock! Since then, Dion’s has been growing and evolving with its customers and community. Like all strong and established family businesses, the strength of the company comes from the passing of the torch to each generation, and the new life that it breathes into the company and its mission. The current generation of Dion’s have set their sights on providing the Greater Boston Area with a chain of stores that provide a fun, approachable, hip atmosphere that marries together the selection and ambiance of a boutique wine and craft beer shop with the expansive selection of a large package store. Make no mistake, the business values of the past are not lost in the sleek new design of the stores. The most important aspect of the business has always been, and always will be, a commitment.