After successful trips to Denver and Boston, Bowl of ‘Zole is coming home to Brooklyn on Thursday, October 19th for its fourth anniversary. Founded by spirits expert Arik Torren , Chef Danny Mena of La Lonchería, and Food Karma’s Jimmy Carbone, the festival aims to spotlight heritage Pozole and to celebrate the vibrant culture of agave spirits like mezcal, tequila, and sotol.

For this year’s Bowl of ‘Zole, the trio have united an amazing community of mezcal aficionados and 20+ of the city’s most celebrated Mexican and hipster chefs including Julian Medina (Toloache), Cosme Aguilar (Casa Enrique), and Jackie Carnesi (Nura Brooklyn), to share the history and experience of pozole. Rounding out the food program are tequila-friendly fare like Tacos al Pastor, Merci Mercado Crickets, Fine and Raw Bean to Bar Chocolate, Xilli NYC macha/ salsa, Tortillas by Sobremasa, and more.


This year’s festival includes over 120 expressions of agave spirits (mezcal, sotol, tequila, raicilla), plus wine, beer and hard seltzer.


To pay it forward, the community partner is City Harvest, New York City’s largest food rescue organization. All the pozole chefs will be making extra pozole for City Harvest to pick up at the event and use for their meal programs. City Harvest will rescue 66 million pounds of food this year and deliver it free of charge to hundreds of food pantries, soup kitchens, and other community food programs, helping to feed the nearly 1.2 million New Yorkers struggling to put meals on their tables.

Pozole Chefs: 

  • Luis Arce Mota, La Contenta, Manhattan. 
    ● Justin Bazdarich, Oxomoco. 
    ● Felipe Mendez – La Superior, Cerveceria Havemeyer 
    ● Zack Wangeman Sobremasa, Brooklyn , pozole and tortillas. 
  • Cosme Aguilar, Casa Enrique, Long Island City. 
    ● Danny Mena, La Loncheria, Brooklyn. 
    ● Ivan Garcia, Mesa Coyoacan, Brooklyn. 
    ● Julian Medina, Toloache, Cafe Tacuba, and Kuxé, Manhattan. 

● Hugo Orozco, Cruz del Mar, Brooklyn. 
● Eric See, Ursula BK 
● Jackie Carnesi, Nura Brooklyn 
● Tompkins Square Bagels 
● JajaJa 
● Fany Gerson, La Newyorkina /Mijo 
● Panzón 
● Tobalá 
● Marcela Cocina 



  • Mezcal Del Maguey 
    ● Mezcal Siete Misterios 
    ● Haus Alpenz 
    ● Tequila Don Fulano 
    ● Mezcal Sombra 
    ● Tequila Astral 
    ● Mezcal El Buho 
    ● Mezcal Wahaka 
    ● Sotol Flor Desierto
    ● Mezcal Cruz de Fuego 
    ● Tequila Fortaleza 
    ● Mezcales de Leyenda 
    ● Mezcal Pelotón de la Muerte 
  • Sotol Fabriquero 
    ● Tequila Mi Casa 
    ● Maiz Nation, Native Corn Whiskey 
  • Parejo Sotol and Lechuguilla 
  • Rancho Tepua, Sonoran Spirits 

● Mezcal Don Amado 
● Mezcal Minas Real 
● Tequila Arte Nom 
● Mezcal Espiritu Lauro 
● Sotol Coyote 
● Maguey Melate 
● Sotol Los Magos 
● Tequila4 Copas 
● Casa D’Aristi, Liquors 
● Mezcal El Jolgorio 
● Sotol Por Siempre 
● Mezcal Casa Cortes 
● Cocktail Kingdom 
● The Cabinet 
● Mezcal Ilegal 
● Topo Chico 
● Tequila Aldez 
● Madre Mezcal 
● Tequila Amatiteña 
● Mezcal Banhez 
● Mezcal Alipus 
● Mezcal Cuentacuentos 
● Yola 
● Tequila 123 
● Tequila El Luchador
● Mezcal Union