When it comes to the holidays, there’s no beer better prepared to bring home seasonal cheer than Dos Equis®. Whether coming home for the holidays or hosting it, Dos Equis® is helping amp up every celebration and preparing shoppers to enjoy the holidays. Beginning December 1 and running through December 31, Dos Equis® is the perfect beer to bring home for the holidays.


“Dos Equis® Lager accounted for $31MM in sales during the holiday season[1], and Mexican Imports grew 13% during the holidays, while Total Beer was up +4%1,” says Edith Llerena, Senior Brand Manager. “While Mexican Imports perform well during the holidays, Dos Equis® Lager surpasses these competitive brands with shoppers consistently spending more money on Dos Equis® than the competitive set in purchase frequency and buy rate[2],” continues Llerena. “We are confident Dos Equis® will continue to perform well this holiday season and bring seasonal cheer to all of our consumers and their loved ones.”


Off-premise accounts will benefit from a host of in-store visibility and POS materials including tuck cards, cooler decals, 3-sided display toppers, 2-sided tuck cards, generic display with holiday, dress up kits, holiday cactus with lights, and holiday sweaters.