Brockmans Gin Wins Gold at International Craft Spirits Awards

Brockmans Gin Wins Gold at International Craft Spirits AwardsAmongst a fierce competitive set of decorated spirits, Brockmans Gin secures its second big win since its U.S. launch four months ago, taking home Gold at the 2014 International Craft Spirits Awards Competition. This comes just one month after the brand’s recent success at the WSWA Tasting Competition, where it was awarded Double Gold. The brand has seen tremendous growth in its international markets and with these two recent wins, is positioned to do the same within the American spirits industry.

“Brockmans Gin is made using a unique blend of hand-selected ingredients that are batch distilled, making it a spirit that is distinctly crafted,” explained Bob Fowkes Director and Co-Founder of Brockmans Gin. “Consumers are not only revisiting gin, but exploring the craft category that is growing by leaps and bounds in the U.S. We’re pleased to be included as a part of this trend and honored to be named as one of the gins on top of this movement.”

The Craft Spirits Awards International Competition attracts the top craft spirits worldwide, with over 120 brands entering this year’s competition, held in Los Angeles last week. An expert panel of judges awarded each spirit a Gold, Silver or Bronze Medal based on a 100-point blind tasting. Brockmans was one of only four gins to secure a Gold medal at the event.

Brockmans is made with unique ingredients including mountain blackberries, blueberries, and the highest quality gin botanicals like coriander from Bulgaria and juniper berries sourced from Tuscany. This combination of botanicals is steeped in pure grain spirit for up to 24 hours to release their flavors. After steeping, Brockmans is distilled in a traditional copper still. Conventional gin aromas of juniper and angelica marry with the refreshing citrus flavors and the rounder top notes of blueberry and blackberry, to give the gin its refreshingly signature taste.

Brockmans Gin is available in 750 mL at an SRP of $34.99. For more information, visit

About Brockmans Gin
Brockmans Gin is an ultra-premium, new style gin designed to be consumed neat or over ice. Distilled in traditional copper stills, Brockmans uses a combination of traditional gin aromas combined with top notes of blueberries and blackberries to provide a refreshingly new gin taste experience. Based in the United Kingdom, Brockmans is now available in Massachusetts and New Jersey.