Bruvado Imports Rocks Cinco De Mayo with first ever Michelada Kit

Bruvado Imports thinks it’s lame that on Cinco de Mayo you have to choose between rocking a crisp beer or savoring a mixed drink. And, thankfully, so do the Mexican forefathers who created the Michelada, an authentic drink that is somewhere between the zesty goodness of a mixed drink and the refreshing boldness of a beer. To fire up the upcoming Cinco De Mayo fiesta, Bruvado Imports is offering the first ever Micheleda kit. This innovatively packaged kit includes 5 Imported Mexican Lagers, 1 (16oz) Bottle Camaronazo Shrimp Cocktail, Tapatio Hot Sauce, Tajín Seasoning, Twang Beer Lime Salt, and 5 Cups / Stir Sticks. All the ingredients you need to avoid that annoying Choose Your Adventure-esque quandary you face every Cinco de Mayo when picking your beverage experience.

Bruvado Imports’ Michelada kit is the first time this cherished Mexican drink has been offered in such an accessible and portable way. The Imported Mexican Lagers come from Cerveceria Mexicana, a beer producer that has the distinction of being the only Mexican-owned volume brewery and a time-honored source for clean finished, satisfying beer. The choice mixer ingredients are compiled from classic Michelada recipes, and since this isn’t a premix product, you’re in the driver’s seat to get this traditional drink kicking with optimum piquant flavor. So mix it your way!

The word “Michelada” is derived from combining the word “mix” with the popular Mexican word for beer “chela,” the drink is literally a mixed drink with beer-ah, the best of both worlds! Some folks also call it a “Mexican Bloody Mary,” “Red Eye,” or “Red Beer.” It is served in a chilled, salt-rimmed glass. What better way to rock Mexican heritage then by enjoying a native delicacy brought to you by Bruvado Imports.

Bruvado Imports is a company of edgy progressives committed to sharing authentic Mexican beverages and boldly refreshing pairings in inventive, one-of- kind packaging that keep products fun and accessible for consumers. The company’s playful irreverence, and dedication to keeping the party rocking, stems from founder Scott D. Gold’s adventurous spirit. Gold travels far and wide to fuel the fiesta with quality authentic and unique beverages. This Cinco de Mayo Bruvado Imports want to share the Melchelada with you with the hopes that, though this company of libational visionaries may not be able to party with you, they can at least crash your party by proxy with a choice modern vintage cocktail.   ###

About Bruvado:

Bruvado Imports, (based in Santa Cruz, CA) mission isn’t just to import, it’s to transport. Through offering the consumer quality authentic ingredients, flavors and one-of-a-kind packaging, the company provides an accessible and fun Mexican beverage experience. It all comes down to never compromising the integrity of the drinks. That’s why Bruvado’s lagers come from Cerveceria Mexicana, a beer producer that has the distinction of being the only Mexican- owned volume brewery and a time-honored source for clean finished, satisfying beer. Bruvado Imports’ refreshingly authentic drinks and boldly imaginative blends stem from founder Scott D. Gold’s passion and reverence for Mexican heritage. Gold doesn’t just travel south of the border, he immerses himself in Mexican culture and brings the party back to you. Bruvado Imports not only offers you the finest line of Mexican inspired beverages, the company brings you the beautiful tropics of Mexico one sip at a time.