Budd Dairy Food Hall Borgata

The newest Cameron Mitchell Restaurants concept announces initial chef partners: Borgata Pizza Café and Darista

Budd Dairy Food Hall BorgataFollowing a “Shark Tank-style” search for Columbus’ best food entrepreneurs and restaurateurs over the last several months, Cameron Mitchell Restaurants (CMR) is proud to announce the first two chef partners have been selected to be part of the new Budd Dairy Food Hall. Borgata Pizza Café, created by chefs Ed Bisconti and Roz Auddino, and Darista, created by chef Dara Schwartz, will open locations in the new food hall later this year.

The newest CMR concept is the first chef-driven food incubator in Columbus and is currently under construction in the bustling Italian Village neighborhood. The food hall will give the city’s top up-and-coming chefs the opportunity to grow as entrepreneurs and to serve their community in a unique gathering space.

Borgata Pizza Café

Borgata Pizza Café at Budd Dairy Food Hall will be the restaurant’s third location, with two others in northern Columbus. Borgata uses local and regional ingredients to prepare fresh New York-style pizza and Italian specialties from scratch. Owners, Bisconti and Auddino, each have more than 35 years of food service industry experience.

“We’re really excited to open at Budd Dairy Food Hall and learn all we can from the CMR team,” said Bisconti. “The new location will be a bit different from our other two, with an abbreviated menu, but our main focuses will still be our fresh, local ingredients and our identity as a neighborhood pizza café. The name ‘Borgata’ actually translates to ‘village’ and is used to refer to small Italian neighborhoods. That’s the feeling we want to bring to this new location – it’s about connecting as a community.”


Budd Dairy Food Hall chef partner, Dara Schwartz, has already ignited local foodie palates with her world-inspired hummus line, Darista Dips, which is sold in more than 70 retail locations. She’s on a mission to convince Columbus that hummus can be the centerpiece to every dish, by delighting eaters with unbelievably delicious food inspired by her world travels. Her Israeli hummusiya concept reinvents bold, bright flavors of various regions by taking simple ingredients and making them exceptional.

“This is an amazing opportunity to extend our brand and continue to share stories through the lens of food,” said Schwartz. “With the support of CMR, we can’t wait to craft beautiful layers of flavor with hummus being the foundation to each plate. And personally, it’s a self-exploration and tribute to my Great Grandfather, Ely, who owned a Jewish delicatessen and grocer in Chicago.”

Six other chef partners will be announced in the coming months, rounding out the food hall’s lineup of diverse cuisines. Budd Dairy will bring those fares together under one roof with community seating, a top-notch beverage program, and live music and entertainment. The one-of-a-kind gathering spot also will feature a rooftop deck, interactive games, event space and more.

“We are thrilled to work with Borgata and Darista as they expand their offerings and grow as restaurateurs,” said Steve Weis, CMR’s vice president of development. “Columbus is known for being a top foodie city as well as an innovative entrepreneurial hub. Budd Dairy Food Hall is an exciting marriage between the two and we look forward to announcing more quality chef partners soon.”

The concept is a partnership between CMR and local developer, Kevin Lykens. CMR will provide management of the overall concept and will provide all services related to Budd Dairy’s culinary, beverage and entertainment programs.

For more information, visit www.BuddDairyFoodHall.com.